Sunday, January 5, 2014

swap with me

I remember a time when swapping clothes meant digging through piles and piles of rejects on the floors of a friend's bedroom. Luckily technology makes things a bit more pleasing and widespread, and Swapdom is the new king of swapping fun! It's free to join and there are plenty of goodies from gals and guys all over the country. I just joined and made myself a little account here where you can find several vintage pieces from my own closet. Swapdom is relatively new but I have high hopes for how it will reshape the concept of swapping items with fellow fashion lovers. Take a moment to join and share a few pieces from your own wardrobe that need a new home!


Jenny O said...

I love finding out when bloggers whose style I love have joined Swapdom :D I'm on as strangerbird, I've got a few things from my Etsy shop posted and a few of my own things as well. Hope you find some good swaps!

Unknown said...

Very nice post, and lovely pictures. And now there’s a mobile app for swapping, too! Head to for details.

Swapdom said...

Swapdom is about to launch its mobile version pretty soon! Stay tuned! Thanks for the shout out!