Thursday, October 24, 2013

green all over

A vegetable-hued manicure was just the thing to go with this crazy vintage lace pants & vest set, a major score from the Vintage Fashion Expo in San Francisco a few years back. I hardly ever wear the pants half of it, but I figured I would celebrate the last few hours of warm-ish weather here in Philly with one of my wackier ensembles. The fake teeth (last spotted a few posts ago) will undoubtedly make an appearance again soon because I just can't get enough Halloween fun.


Nancy Wilde said...

Everytime I visit your blog I bump into the loveliest photos! My, all that green hues and glitter!

Katie Frank said...

Everything is not only green but also sparkling what's actually adorable <3

The Eyre Effect said...

Oh, what a gorgeous set! I love the lace, and the matching manicure! And also, the cat! So cute.