Sunday, January 20, 2013

blue winter

Photos by Darcy Rogers

hat  vintage, thrifted
coat  vintage, flea market
dress  vintage
purse  vintage, thrifted
tights  madewell
shoes  vintage ferragamo

I found this pretty blue dress hiding in the corner of an antique mall, sandwiched between polyester maxi dresses and oversized hawaiian shirts. I bought it without bothering to try it on because I knew at a glance it would fit perfectly, a skill honed from many years of flea market and thrift store scavenging (and sneakily trying things on both over and under my clothes). I've been making a point of going on an adventure outside of Philadelphia every other weekend, which usually involves a lot of antique stores, greasy burgers at even greasier diners, and people watching, a much-needed escape after an incredibly busy week. I keep bringing my camera with me but forgetting to take a single photo aside from a few Instagram snaps. I promise I'll be better next time, if I can stop oohing and ahhing long enough to press the damn shutter!


Cecily said...

I love the hat!

Suzanne said...

The outfit is very pretty. Reminds me of an illustration from a little girl's book.

Is that bag real? If so I don't like it at all.


Anonymous said...

Girrrrrrrl this is absolute purrfection. Every small detail is primo! I wish I could insert about ten hands clapping emojis right now! Love. It. x

Naomi said...

Love your jacket and hat~

The Occasional Indulgence

Dylana Suarez said...

CUTE! I would LOVE to shoot you someday! Still can't believe we haven't met up yet! Life/work has been crazaaaay for sure. Let me know if you are ever free for a meet up :)


Babes in Thriftland said...

You always look fantastic in things that I would never think to even try on. Lovely as always!

Unknown said...

Your hat is amazing! Actually this whole outfit is perfection.
xo, Tori

Katie Frank said...

you look so wonderful and vintage <3 i'm loving every lil detail <3

emmi said...

That bag :-D

Rebecca Jane said...

That coat is absolutely beautiful!

Kristian said...

The dress is wonderful, but it is this coat that's stealing my heart!

Emma said...

Such lovely pictures! That coat is gorgeous and the bag is absolutely hilarious!