Friday, September 28, 2012

shop showcase: fashion for home

I am finally feeling somewhat settled in my new apartment, but the hunt continues for amazing decorating pieces since I now have twice the amount of space. I seem to be caught between several opposing interior styles: midcentury modern, rustic french country, and ornamental art deco. For some reason I'm equally drawn to all these different styles but smashed all together they can look a bit crazy. When I see a beautiful web site like Fashion For Home I'm reminded of everything I love about modern, midcentury-inspired homes, specifically the clean lines and the bright colors. The furniture is perfectly simple and functional but still interesting and inspiring. Looking through the assortment reminds me that pairing modern with antique is much more fun than choosing just one, especially when the lookbook consists of such wonderfully bold furniture in old, spacious rooms.

You lucky readers have the opportunity to do a bit of decorating yourself because Fashion For Home is offering 15% off any express delivery items using the code 'SAVE-WITH-ASHLEY-US.' If you live in the UK you can shop here using the code 'SAVE-WITH-ASHLEY-UK.' This offer will be good until October 6th!


Mie said...

Wonderful inspiration! I am moving into my new apartment this weekend and desperately need some home inspiration - thanks!

Fashion Faux Pas said...

Oh Ashley, I feel your pain!!! I'm always torn between Brittish Colonial, Art Deco and the romantic countryfied rustic charm of the french cottage... and I have a hard time getting these to look good together.