Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Two magical creations from Vivetta.

Dreamy hair is always best with a ribbon.

Autumn Dream #01

Polka dot gloves from BHLDN / A forever favorite, Anna Karina.

Autumn Dream #02

Vintage 1940's hat from Revival House, so good.

Autumn Dream #03

Watermelon leather pouch from La Lisette.

Perfect Camille Bidault Waddington / An inspiring room (I love the art-covered wall).

Autumn Dream #04

All other image sources can be found on my Pinterest!


Rachael // The Paraders Vintage said...

You are the QUEEN of great outfits. Hands down. :)


mary van note said...

your polyvore sets are always so good. love some of these pieces to pieces!

Katie Frank said...

Can I get all these stuff please ?<3

Wear The Canvas said...

Love it allll!

Ana Peregrine said...

Will you buy me those gold Miu Miu mary janes? I will totally pay you back.

Seems like you must be busy in your new life. Hope it's treating you well :)

Kitsune-kun said...

aha! bear boobs!

Raquel Zorraquin said...

Ohhhh what a lot of cute items!! I'll have any of them!!! :)

and those bear desings...just great!

xoxo dear!!

Sandra said...

so much loveliness!

Alice said...

I love the wall of art so much! You can imagine how long they spent trying to get it to look so good,and the fact that the little group of 6 pictures together all have different frames is very satisfying.

Hope you are happy in your new living space Ashley, still loving the blog.