Wednesday, August 1, 2012

a fancy giveaway: darling vintage

August is finally here, reminding me that summer isn't over just yet... but it's time to start adding some autumn pieces to the ole' wardrobe. And, lucky you, the appropriately named Darling Vintage is giving away $50 in store credit to one vintage-loving lady! Score a beautiful blouse, an amazing pair of striped shorts, or even the perfect 1960's mini dress. The best part is that everyone gets 20% off anything in the shop through the end of August using the code FANCYDARLIN!

To enter the giveaway please leave a comment on this post with the following...

1. Your name and email.
2. What is your favorite piece from Darling Vintage?
3. What is on your autumn wish list?

The giveaway is open to international readers and the deadline to enter is August 10th. Good luck!


Melody said...

I am going to post this in the wrong order,
On my fall wish list is a bulky 80s sweater...
Oh look my favorite piece, is just that!

also for summer the grey striped romper...which is on sale, so i might just grab it.


Aimée / The Lost Girl said...

Such a lovely give away and I was so happy to see it is for international readers!!

My name is Aimée Keenan and my email is

my favourite piece is the vintage '80s bright CHERRY red NAUTICAL CROP top. I haven't got anything red and sailor-like and it would fit so nicely in my wardrobe!

On my autumn wish list is a pinafore dress, more tweed and mustard coloured tights!!

Aimée xx

rusty said...

1. Emelina,
2. Def this one:
3. On a mental level: inspiration to become happy. On a little more materialistic level: A new dress that I will love as much as the black-with-white-dots, full skirt, vintage dress I've been constantly wearing this last year.

Mary Beth said...

Mary Beth woodlandlass{at}gmail{dot}com
I like the 70s sky blue floral western midi dress.
I'd love to find a wool dress or skirt, and I really need some flats! Mine fell apart last year...

Anonymous said...

I love the 60s inspired bubblegum pink mini dress!
On my wish list is definitely a pair of black brogues. They would look so amazing with a vintage pink mini dress :)

inkandlead said...

Ashley, we have similar taste! I've had that grey and red dress with the heart applique on my favorites list for a few weeks wishing I could afford it! So that would definitely be my favorite.
On my fall wishlist is a great pair of overalls.
- Dominique,

tatyana said...

1. Tatyana,
2. vintage '60s handmade FLORAL mini dress with SWEETHEART bust & PEPLUM waist
3. I need to find a perfect classic trench for the fall...

Unknown said...

The lilac floral sundress is just too cute!!
And I'm looking forward to autumn's cooler temps {& crossing my fingers we'll get snow this winter too!}

Anastasia said...

My favourite is the vintage '60s bright red & grey mini dress with HEART patch. Its like a candy!
My autumn wishlist is a pair of suede oxford shoes and a tartan 60's dress.

Teddi said...

teddi tbear103(AT)gmail(DOT)
my fave thing from darling vintage is

i wish for multicolored stacked braided leather bracelets said...

1. Dom Dyson /
2. I'm really loving the knee-length fit and flare polka dot skirt shown here:
3. This Fall I'm hoping to up my wardrobe to incorporate lush vintage pieces a la 80s Parisian indie films. That said, I'm hoping to stack up on high-waist trousers, granny booties, floral vests, camel wool coats, and tons of oversized blazers and cable knit sweaters.

celliasaragih said...

a cool printed dress

katie said...

i love the 90s babydoll dress:
and i'm looking forward to a new pair of boots and a wool dress or two. <3

Gwen said...

Gwen, gwendolynivere[at]gmail[dot]com
I adore the stripey 50s dress in blue, purple & green, it's adorable!
And for autumn I'd love to find the perfect oversized cardigan :) Cozy!

Unknown said...

1. Cyndi,
2. Love this:
3. New boots!

Priscilla P said...

1. Priscilla P, sugoidesuyo(at)gmail(dot)com
2. the reversible rain slicker!
3. new short rain boots :) I used my last pair up to death!

Bella said...

hello, hello, my dear!

My name is Bellatheowl and my email is bellatheowl{at}gmail{dot}com

My favorite item from Darling Vintage would have to be the
vintage handmade FLORAL mini dress with CUTOUT neckline & RUFFLE sleeves. size xs s.

but at the moment I am really hanging out for a pair of: vintage wool COFFEE HIGH WAIST shorts. size s.

I am needing to add to my vintage wardrobe (I have only one dress, saved for my Formal next year!)

I would really appreciate it if I won :) P.S Your blog is just TOO lovely!

I would love a satchel bag for autumn, although it's winter in Australia. But it is so beautiful, for all seasons!

Unknown said...

I love the California square dance dress the most. I don't know why. The heart wants what the heart wants...

For fall, I'm looking for ankle rain booties and velvet dresses.

Amanda Thomas said...

1. Amanda, iluvpatches[at]comcasy[dot]net
2. baby blue FLORAL & BOW print mini dress
3. My wishlist would have to tights, LBD, pastel-colored cardigans.

lizzie said...

1. Lizzie;
2. vintage SEQUINS & BEADED heathered knit ABSTRACT sweater. so many pretty things to choose from though!
3. On my wishlist- embellished mini skirts, breton sweaters and classic penny loafers :)

ps what a sweet giveaway for a sweet blog! <3

Lucy said...

I love the twill shorts, but the red and grey pleated dress is just the cutest. And, having pretty much the same body I did at 14, I could even fit into it!

On my autumn wishlist is a navy duffel coat and herringbone tights. It gets pretty chilly round here.


Katie Frank said...

My name: Katie
My e-mail:
What's my favourite thing..
It's very hard to choose one, so it's just everything.
my autumn wishlist is: new coat, something in burberry style. very stylish heels + normal casual, shoes. some autumn dresses and some stuff for my kitty. he needs new place to lie and i want to also buy new iPhone case. something autumn and yeah bag! i need new bag :)
and new lomo camera hah

Anonymous said...

1. Laura,
2. The '60s floral citrus sleeveless shift dress.
3. New boots are definitely on my Autumn wish list, and more colourful tights.

Anonymous said...

I love the colors in the blue and plaid 50s dress. I'm on the prowl for a killer pencil skirt for autumn!


Lauren- Old Red Boots said...

1. Lauren, Oldredbootsblog (at) Gmail (dot) com
2. I love the 60s red and grey dress wit the white heart on it!
3. For the fall I want more sweaters with cats on them!

Sarah Dee said...

1. Sarah (theantiquepearl (at) live (dot) com)
2. the vintage '50s/'60s mad men ELECTRIC BLUE VELVET coat. size s... It was in my favorites for months!
3. A cozy mint cardigan and a coral belt!

This is such a lovely giveaway, thank you dear!

xoxo Sarah

Megan said...

I love the 50s striped dress with box pleats! so cute!

I'm definitely in the market for some cable knit tights and vintage corduroy skirts this fall!


Amber said...


I like the vintage delicate white PINTUCK PLEATS FLORAL blouse best.

My autumn wishlist includes knee socks and lots of them.

mary van note said...

Mary Van Note
maryvannote (at) gmail (dot) com
I love this baby blue dress

I'd really like a pair of black ferragamo flats for Autumn.

Unknown said...

My name's Megan Parks and my email is! <3

My favorite piece from DarlingVintage would have to be this darling dress!

My autumn wish list includes a camel/beige hued coat, neutral oxfords, and a blue/lace 1950s dress!

adry said...

I prefer this
adriana costanzo

Francesca said...

1. Francesca redicoppe(at)inwind(dot)it

2. I love this dress:

3.And for autumn I'd love to find the perfect cardigan and a new pair of boots!

Erinn said...

So many darling pieces (fitting, given the name "Darling Vintage," innit?), but there's a special place in my heart for that 90's navy blue and metallic gold polka-dot cardigan.

This fall, I'm looking out for patterned skirts in earthy tones, a crisp white blouse with peter pan collar and 3/4 sleeves, cozy sweaters (ALWAYS cozy sweaters!), brogues and loafers, and plenty of knit stockings.

Love your blog! What a great giveaway! <3


Marte og Irén said...

Hi! My name is Irén and I'm from Norway. I like your blog and I've been reading it for a while now!

It was not easy to decide, but my favorite piece is from Darling Vintage must be the vintage olive green farragamo suede boots. I'm a sucker for shoes, and they are just my size! Also, those sort of shoes are on my autumn wish list. The perfect shoes to wear between summers ballerinas and winters big boots (a lot of snow in norway). They are also in the perfect colour for autumn :)

The Sherwoods said...

Brittany De Lora
I loooove the vintage '60s handmade FLORAL mini dress with SWEETHEART bust & PEPLUM waist.
Lots or rust, brown, and mossy greens are on my fall wishlist!

Florinda said...

1 Florinda-
2 I like:
3 rain botts, a trench, a cardigan

Anna Strife said...

My autumn wishlist includes a new coat

The Braided Bandit said...

She has a beautifully curated shop! I love this dress:

On my fall wish list is a pair of neutral colored oxfords that are comfy to walk and bike in and look good with both dress and jeans (Is that too much to ask?!)

Thanks so much!

Michelle said...

1. Michelle, mmxyuan[at]
2. I love the black vegan ankle boots and the blue/white abstract print shorts!
3. A jean jacket! Also rain boots.

Lulu said...

1. Lulu email: redalepou(at)yahoo(dot)com
2. Favorite piece:
vintage '60s inspired '90s BUBBLEGUM PINK sleeveless mini dress
3. On my autumn wish list: scarves and boots

Kallie, Happy Honey and Lark said...

My favorite piece is the Pintuck Pleats Floral Blouse
My autumn wishlist is all about minimalism and subtle details, delicate lace vintage dresses and tops, brown lace up riding boots, super soft black tee shirts and neckscarves in autumnal colors.

Mara Potter said...


This pleated blouse is too lovely:

For autumn, I'm looking for some good ankle boots and plenty of big sweaters!

Sekhmet said... Laura

2. my fav item is:

3. on my autumn wishlist: boots and cardigans

Chrissi said...

1. Chrissi,

2. I love these shorts!

3. I'm on the hunt for a great pair of brown ankle boots.

Unknown said...

1. Cathy,

2. The pastel blue periwinkle dress, its so cute!

3. Autumn wishlist - a crochet poncho :)

Thanks :)

Ana said...

1. Ana

2. My favourite is this dress:

3. For the autumn I would like a comfortable cashmere sweater. And also more dresses.(I never seem to have enough)

Allison said...

1. Your name and email.


2. What is your favorite piece from Darling Vintage?

I love the cream leather heels!

3. What is on your autumn wish list?

I'm still in search of the perfect shift dress and a pair of jeans that WON'T stretch!

Unknown said...

I love Darling Vintage's navy and white printed shorts. So cute for summer.
On the top of my autumn wishlist is a chunky knit burgundy sweater.


Fashion Activism said...

My name is Rachel and email is

It's coming onto spring here in the southern hemisphere, and on my spring/summer wishlist would be the eyelet maxi dress. It's still quite chilly though, so the colorblock cardi might be more practical :)

Thanks so much!


i love

Mafalda Marques said...

My name is Mafalda i'm from Portugal
and what i wish is that i finally move in to another city this fall with that lovely dress!!

Anonymous said...

The Vintage Handmade Lilac Summer Floral Dress is pretty perfect, and my autumn wishlist involves lots of baking supplies and mustard accessories. :)


Karen said...

Hi, my name is Karen Ou!

My favorite piece from Darling Vintage is the Vintage '70s/'80s COTTON CANDY pink LACE mini dress.
It's just so feminine and pretty! And how could I pass up lace?

On my autumn wish list is a tweed blazer. :)

Unknown said...

Teresa and oh.seriously.goose (at) gmail (dot) com

Loving: the vintage '60s bright red & grey PLEATED BABYDOLL mini dress

Fall wishlist item is this dress from modcloth:

Wednesday Addams said...


There are so many cute things... these two are adorable:

There has been a pair of certain chunky-heeled shoes on my wishlist for a long time now. :)

TK said...

TK / allthingsgo at gmail dot com
Bubble gum dress:

and my wish list includes vintage hats.

dianne tanner dot co dot uk said...

1. Dianne dianneohdeer(at) gmail dot com

2. OMG i love DV. When this shirt hit the shelves yesterday I almost bought it. I'm hovering over buy right now.

3. the above shirt x infinity!

Unknown said...


I adore the vintage '80s blue floral and bow print mini dress. The collar is adorable.

As for my autumn wish list, I would love to add a chunky over sized cardigan to my wardrobe.

Thanks for this giveaway!

Ľubaša said...

1. Lubica Kotmanikova, lubaska dot k at gmail dot com
2. I like vintage '90s WOVEN striped MARKET BUCKET bag/backpack. Thanks
3. I want to buy some light coat and cardigan.

Lubka K.