Monday, July 9, 2012

pink & pleated

photos by jt tran of sf style

dress  vintage
necklaces  vintage
heels  sacha london

This is what I wore to the Golden Collective's pop-up shop on Friday. It's a small miracle that these photos even happened considering how crazy it was! The turnout was amazing but it kept me on my toes all night, worrying about every little detail. My worrying was overshadowed, I hope, by this funny little Pepto-Bismol-hued dress. I made a point of telling everyone who complimented me on it that there are matching pants. Yes, matching pants. High waisted, wide legged, and made of the same material. Pure magic. Sometime soon I will wear the set and your head will immediately explode.


Christy said...

Oh man, I love this look in a big way! The flouncy sleeves and hem are completely amazing, as is the fact that you styled a bright pink dress with equally bright red heels and chunky necklaces. Also, I wish I were cool enough to pull off a pleated pink chiffon mini with matching pants, but not all of us can be so lucky!

Katie Frank said...

You're so beautiful girl <3
And your dress is pretty cool, I totally love it! I don't know, but it reminds me of Florence Welch.
I'm glad that I follow you cus your blog is very inspiring <3

mary van note said...

I knew when I saw this dress it would be something you would wear and sure enough you got it already!

That's amazing that there are matching pants.

Unknown said...

youre a pink feminine dream!

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Unknown said...

Whoa, this dress is too adorable! Looking absolutely fabulous!!! :)) I'm in love with it :)

Lots of love,

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Unknown said...

this is absolutely amazing! I am so sad I didn't get to join you ladies this go around :( looks like it was a success! your a cutie!


Amber said...

I need to see these pants and blouse paired together. It may be the best outfit of all time :)

Natalie Garza said...

This dress is gorgeous! I love the color, the pleating, the sleeves--it's awesome.

Constance said...


Chelsea Finn said...

I LOVE how perfectly you pull this off. You look absolutely incredible!

<3Chelsea Elizabeth

_-_ said...

Really love your dress, want!


Jodie said...

This is such a beautiful dress and I would love it in my life : )

sweet harvest moon said...

Good lord, what a beautiful pink dress!