Saturday, July 7, 2012

new in the shop!

I'm sad to say that this may be the last Fancy Fine Vintage update for a long while. I'm sure I will be adding a few treasures to the shop here and there after my move, but the vintage selling will definitely have to become less of a priority now. I will still collect things like I always do (because I certainly can't ignore the scavenger in me) but now I won't have all the time in the world to hunt for vintage. If you have your eye on something in the shop you should snag it now because I will be putting the shop on vacation mode for the remainder of summer, starting July 17th!


Unknown said...

I'm so excited for your big move! and hey that's Celisse, does she have a blog?

The Flight of Fancy

Katie Frank said...


Unknown said...

niceeeee outfit<3<3 really love it!
anyway,i've followed ur blog.want to followback?:)


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