Sunday, July 29, 2012

guest post: florida daze by katie-louise ford

Here is guest post number two, brought to you by the always splendid Katie-Louise Ford, she of the perfect Louise Brooks bob. Katie designs her own adorable 1950's-style dream dresses and is currently traveling the country with her curly haired man in a van named Woody. She's slowly making her way to New York and I can't wait for us to be on the same coast so that we can start our tap dancing duo already.

Photographs by Mont Clare

1960s dress - thrifted in California
platforms - Charles David
leather satchel - thrifted in Oregon
pendant - my Grandmother

Greetings from the Sunshine State! For the past 3 months my sweetheart and I have been living in a van, slowly making our way from Los Angeles to New York. You can read more about our travels over at my blog. We are currently in Clearwater, Florida, visiting family and enjoying a story book summer before stepping back into the real world. 

These photographs were taken at Clearwater Beach, where we've been spending each and every day lazing on the sugary sand, riding bicycles and floating in the warm gulf waters until the sun disappears behind the horizon. 

I was absolutely delighted when I heard Ashley was moving to Philadelphia. Not only does her new job sound like an absolute dream, but I'll be living  a stones throw away in NYC. Here's to plenty of champagne sipping and karaoke singing in the near future!


Unknown said...

Picture perfect as always! You ladies are going to have so much fun, wish we lived closer. xx

lauren, curious constellation said...

What graceful photos, I feel as if I've been taken back in time.

Katie Frank said...

pictures are magical. she has amazing hair <3

Rosaspina Vintage said...

Ahh Katie's such an amazing gal! And I'm so glad to hear that she's going to live in NYC, I can imagine you ladies are going to have lots of fun! I will be spending a week in New York in late october actually... mmm ;)

Jennie said...

What a great haircut, really stunning. I'm definitely wishful for those sandals and satchel, there's nothing better than finding such beautiful pieces in a thrift store.

I'm just starting up my blog again and would love to meet some new faces. Please do stop by if you have the chance!

Jennie x

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Unknown said...

I'm absolutely in love with the second to the last photo!

Shannon said...

Ahh! That hair and the dress on her! Perfection! I am taking a road trip from Los Angeles to Seattle, not quite as lengthy as a journey, but these photos have me delighted at the prospect of meandering up the coast.

Doganiam Motyle said...

love your dress

Jo - Lost in the Haze said...

Katie, you are such a dreamboat! I can't wait to see yours and Ashley's future adventures! <3 <3 <3

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casper+pearl said...

these photos are just gorgeous! so vintage and lovely.

lots of love from the c&p girls,
casper&pearl blog