Monday, May 7, 2012

her clothes are out of date

flower crown  gardens of whimsy
cardigan  vintage, flea market
dress  vintage
tights  topshop
shoes  vintage from a fine day for sailing

Three things in heavy rotation: a puke green 1960's cardigan, my favorite white lace tent dress (also 1960's), and mauve hued tights from Topshop. I've been a bit slow lately with taking "real" photos with my "real" camera but I will always be fond of these grainy film shots. Nothing beats the anticipation of waiting to get film developed and hoping for a few happy accidents.


Teddi said...

ashley, i really do like the results too. don't you?

Natasha Fatah said...

One of the cutest posts yet!

~Natasha Fatah~

Carlee, Little Sloth said...

Very lovely outfit. You make it look so wonderful. I love the photos, they look so vintage from a different time maybe.


Leah said...

I think it's great to change up the "outfit photo." It only is what you say it is.

Dylana Suarez said...



Unknown said...

I love these pictures of you! they came out so cute!


Unknown said...

You are so adorable! These film photographs are absolutely fantastic shots of you. My favorite is the one of you hanging from the tree branches. Lolz. So funny. By the way, I'm in love with your dress. You wear it perfectly!

Alexia Mickens said...

Your dress is absolutely amazing!

Just A Fancy Corpse

Unknown said...

I love these photos! You are adorable, Ashley!

Kate {Something Fabulous}

Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

Love the flowers in your hair and the blossoms in the background.

You have a lovely cvardy collection.


Miss Maple said...

Puke green, cream white and mauve - what a gorgeous colour combination! Inspiring! Best wishes!

Charis said...

Love these shots they look so dreamy :)

sweet harvest moon said...

Happy film accidents are always fun! Beautiful pictures!

YOURFLIRTYLOOK | by Karlijn said...

wow, beautiful pictures!

Anonymous said...

Real developed film is the best! :D I love how these turned out.