Tuesday, March 27, 2012

new in the shop!


Marlena said...

:O the pink dress with the socks- I nearly died. If I wasn't so poor I'd snap that up in a heartbeat. It looks so sweet it hurts.

Caitie said...

if that polka dotted dress was my size I would snatch it up in an instant! toooooo cute!


Kate said...

These outfits are just divine! I love that little red jacket at the end, so gorgeous.

Kate {Something Fabulous}

june said...

So many beautiful things here!

J n Nty said...

Love those dresses,cute style maybe we can follow each other?

goodbadnfab@gmail.com said...

Your style is lovely as are your pictures! I'm a new fan!

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Nicole Faith Roxas said...

I want it all!