Wednesday, March 7, 2012

a fancy giveaway: bohemian bisoux vintage

It's been a little while since I've hosted a giveaway on Fancy Fine so I'm quite excited to be offering a generous $100 gift certificate for my favorite Etsy shop, Bohemian Bisoux Vintage! The shop is overflowing with amazing pieces from the 1920's through the 1970's, including some rather breathtaking wedding and party dresses. So much prettiness, and there are new things being added all the time!

If you would like a chance to win the $100 gift certificate please leave a comment on this post with the following:

1.) What is your favorite item from Bohemian Bisoux Vintage and how would you style it?
2.) What is the best vintage treasure you've ever acquired and where did you find it?
3.) Your name and email!

The deadline to enter is March 13th. The giveaway is open to international readers and the shipping will be on the house. Good luck!


Unknown said...

1.) I really like The Daisie 1930's wedding gown. I'm getting married in September so I would style it with a gorgeous lace veil, pastel shoes and gold jewelry!
2.) The best vintage treasure I've found is a detachable peter pan collar covered in pearls. I bought it when I was 15 for 50 cents in a small thrift store! They are soo in style now, It meant to be.
3.) I'm Eva,

Stephanie said...

This shop is so amazing. I love the 1960s Frenchie dress.I would wear it with a camel blazer and some mary janes. My favorite finds are some Pendleton blazers in perfect condition from a Salvation Army in PA.
lotus2434 AT gmail DOT com

Sofia Ajram said...

Ohh, I actually love this giveaway :)

My favourite item from the shop was a hard pick, but I do love this particular 80s cocktail dress ( I usually loathe 80s wear, but this has the perfect sweetheart neckline and it reminds me of the 50s. I'd wear it with a pair of satin platform stilettos and a thick silver collar.

My best vintage treasure I've ever found is this beautiful wedding-type gown that I found when my partner and I visited Tokyo last year. It was hidden in a vintage shop in Shimokitazawa in a back alleyway.. It's so beautiful. It's floor-length and looks like it belonged to a princess with beautiful beading on the bustier with a gorgeous sweetheart neckline. I rarely wear it because it's material is so delicate, but it holds a place close to my heart, especially since my partner is the one who gifted it to me.

My name is Sofia Ajram and my e-mail is

Best of luck to everyone and thank you!! <3

mary van note said...

Love this shop! I'd pick up this amazing cocoon coat:
I'd wear it with my AA riding pants.

Best treasure right now that I'm loving is my late 20s dress I got on ebay. Nicole pointed me to it, and it's the most beautiful dress in my closet.

maryvannote(at) gmail (dot) com

Melody said...

Well, there are so many great options! but I am gonna go with The Kate(the 50s sea-foam blue linen dress)and I would style it with The 1940's art deco bird pin brooch from the shop, some cute light yellow sandals and some cat eye sunglasses. (someones ready for summer)
The best vintage piece in my collection is an old mans sweater with elbow protectors, found in an alley behind a thrift store in Seattle!
Thanks! Melody,

Alicia said...

1.) My favorite item in the shop right now is this 60s geometric shift:
I wouldn't have to do much to style it; it pretty much speaks for itself!

2.) The best vintage treasure I've ever acquired is also my very first - a black wool tapestry frame bag with a big pink rose on either side. I found it in a vintage store on summer vacation when I was 18; I admired it on the wall and the owner gave it to me for free since the leather handle was cracked!

3.) My name is Alicia, and I can be reached here: clothdoll at gmail dot com. Thanks for the giveaway!

Regan said...

I love this shop, everything is beautiful but my favorite item is the 1920s leather handbag. I would style it with a long batik pattern skirt, simple blouse, crocheted copper wire wrapped hoop earrings and leather sandals.
Its hard to say, I have found several gorgeous items of many different styles. Maybe the rarest and luckiest thing I found was a pair of 1970s platform cherry red maryjane Famolares at Salvation Army for $3 and they were my size. I don't see that brand very often.

Regan Smith

Eleanor Kay said...

1.) What is your favorite item from the shop and how would you style it?
It is very difficult to decide but,
my favourite is the
Vintage 1950s Basket Handbag - Beaded Wooden Bag. I would style it with an ivory lace dress, mustard tights and tan leather 40s style shoes.

2.) What is the best vintage treasure you've ever acquired and where did you find it?
A 1960s dark brown leather clasp bag.

3.) Your name and email!
Ellie Kay Chivers

Unknown said...

Ooh, yay!

1) I love the Dolores wool wiggle dress. The most important accessory I would have to pair it with, though, would be my Ragu shaping corset, haha! Then I'd roll up my semi-sheer thigh-high stalkings, pin my hair up into a Bardot-esque bouffant (or my best attempt!), give myself a slight cat-eye and pair it with my red-hot Dolce Vita heels.

2) My favorite vintage treasure is a gorgeous burgundy velvet 1930s dress, with a beautifully draped beaded collar. I found it at my favorite vintage shop in Atlanta, Stefan's. I still have yet to wear it (I feel like it needs the perfect occasion!), but every time I look at it in my closet, it makes me so happy!

3) Ashley little[dot]wonder[dot]me[at]gmail[dot]com

Unknown said...

Wow this is a great giveaway, please count me in!

My favourite items (yes two, I couldn't decide which one is prettier) are the

"The Elsie Cotton Floral Blouse" and the "The Peggy 60s Printed Dress"

I would style the blouse with turned up skinny jeans, some red flats and a cozy cardigan for a lovely casual everyday look.
And with the dress I would wear a mustard cardi, a brown leather belt and matching brogues. And a cute bow hair clip and maybe also nerd glasses for the extra whimsical twist :)

My best vintage find ever is a chocolate brown 3/4 sleeve wool cardigan with a kind of wavy texture. It's superwarm, very versatile and gives all my dresses a little granny touch.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed, it would be great to win this!
my name is Carina btw and my e-mail badtastetoasttoast(at)googlemail(dot)com

The Braided Bandit said...

What a beautifully curated vintage shop- everything is so perfect, it is hard to pick a favorite! I think I would go with the 1960s Silver Lurex Tunic.
I would wear it with white tights, white ruffled socks, and black and white oxfords during the day, and change the oxford to my vintage black velvet heels for night time! Oh- I would also carry red envelope clutch and wear a red and pink floral 1960s headpiece. YAY!

Thanks for such a great giveaway!
xo Hannah

Megan said...

I love the Peggy dress! I'd wear it with neutral flats, a straw bag and some big black sunglasses!

My most recent favorite vintage treasure is an orange and cream Diane von Furstenberg dress I got at Goodwill for 6 dollars. Love love love it!


Amber said...

oh what a great giveaway! I would pick the Vintage 1950s Dress - 50s Full Skirt Dress - The Lucille and pair it with my beige ModCloth heels and a vintage straw hat. I think my favorite vintage treasure is my Gunne Sax dress. I found it on Etsy during an insomnia ridden internet shopping spree.


Heather said...

Oh, I love love love this shirt:

I'd pair it with my favorite vintage find of late, which is a 70's pleated skirt (thanks, Treasure Island flea!) in a dark sort-of-mauve color, and a pair of t-strap Miz Mooz shoes that I picked up recently.

I'm Heather Cochran at

Marilyn said...

1. LOVE the 50s Velvet Gown. Simple, but timeless and luxurious. I would wear it with simple black heels and a brightly coloured belt to add something extra.

2. My favourite vintage treasure is a red floor length maxi dress I found while digging through my mom's closet from 20 years ago. Super comfortable and perfect for the summer. I wear it all the time!

3. Marilyn:

Ida said...

What a generous giveaway!

My favorite item in the shop is definitely the 1960s velvet cocoon coat. The colors are gorgeous - and it's so wonderfully dramatic! I would love to style it with a brown 1960s mini suede skirt, a black lace top, black tights and brown shoes from the 1970s with high wooden heels.

My best vintage treasure is a black 1920s vest, heavily beaded with tiny black and golden beads in a floral-like pattern. It's in wonderful condition - not a single tear or missing bead. I bought it last summer from a sweet old man for only 7 SEK (about 1 USD!) who told me it had belonged to his grandmother. I love it to bits.


discobabushka said...

1) I LOVE the Vintage 1960s Dress - 60s Wool Dress - "The Frenchie"
- Such a great color! Would be great with mustard tights and a chartreuse cardigan with brooch and some black mary janes!

Oooh but I also love the 1960's black rayon cocktail dress - "The Josie"
- Would pair that with poppy-colored tights and a mustard cardigan and my LaceAffair bow tie belt. Cutes!

2) One of my favorite vintage pieces has got to be one of the first cardigans 1950's I thrifted when I was 15. It really got me interested in vintage fashion and I still have my first vintage pieces that inspired me and expanded my sense of personal style!

3) My name is Alena Merenkova and contact email is


Meg S said...

1.) Oh wow, I love the basket handbag! How cute would that be with a little summer dress?!

2.) This is a little silly, but I found this beautiful apron once. Love it so much.

3.) Meg S - mysecretagentloverman at gmail dot com

Mandy said...

Favorite item: Vintage 1960s Dress. I would pair it with a pair of colorful tights.
Favorite find: Long sleeve 1960s orange and white dress that I found for $15 at the vintage bazaar.


Danielle V. said...

Favorite vintage item: Vintage 1960s Lace Cocktail Dress - The Annabelle! Beautiful coloring! It really speaks to itself, so simple accessories are key :)

Favorite find: A mod striped dress from ShopEBV! Love it!


Julie Norman said...

Don't know how I lived without this baby
Cute hat with my favorite vitage short brown boots that I bought from decades in SLC Adorable!!!


Zari said...

1)Coats are my favorite article of clothing. The 1930s Marlene coat is my favorite, but since it does not fit, I will just have to dream about it joining my collection.
If I won, I would get the Francesca, velvet 1960s cocoon coat. I would wear my fake combat boots, jeans, red flower bakelite earrings, garnet pendaent neckalce, and black long sleeve with this. Dark wine or maroon shoes would compliment the coat really well. Everything would have to be sleek or simple It's such a statement piece, it would be easy to go over board.

2) Favorite vintage find is a black wool coat I got two years ago. It's a double breasted version of the Marlene coat, with dark-iridescent floral buttons and a big lamb's wool collar. It was my first non-REI winter coat. I got it in Santa Rosa, CA.

3)My name is Zari, and my email is

Vanessa said...

1) I LOVE the 1960s blue lace cocktail dress called "The Annabelle". Its just perfect. I would wear it with red red lips and the perfect patent pointy-toed pumps. and some arm candy.

2) My favorite vintage treasure is a 1930s sheer black cotton organza blouse with dainty pintucks and a tiny bit of lace edging vertically on the front, topped with a peter pan collar, and buttons up the back! I got it at a flea market in the South of France, the label is Swiss. It is too small for me but I think it is the most gorgeous piece I own. It hangs on my wall.

3) Vanessa vbrutsc(at)gmail(dot)com

Georgia Rose said...

1) Definitely this dress: I'd style it with black t-bar flats and a lilac knit cardigan.

2) My 1950s school satchel that I nicked from the costume cupboard at my old school, making it $0! It looks just like a Cambridge Satchel but with more character.

3) Georgia Rose. georgianess at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

1) I love the 1930s Art Deco Velvet dress and I would pair it with my mustard yellow feather headband fascinator.

2) My favorite vintage find is a quilted hostess robe I got for a steal at a Goodwill Outlet.

3) Miss Miller ---


lauren, curious constellation said...

I'm loving the Mint Wool Coat! I'm heading into Winter now and in desperaate need of a pretty coat. I'd probably pair it with one of my dresses, some tights and maybe mary janes or loafers (:

The best vintage treasure I ever acquired is I think a 1920s hand beaded cardigan, completely lined and in perfect condition which I got for R20 which is about $2.50


Ana said...

1)I love the 50's sweater, The Lily:
I'd wear it with a plaid pleated skirt, bobby socks and oxfords!

2)My favourite vintage treasure is my sweet purple-green patterned sweater, it's one of my favourite things to look at! I got it in a little shop in Paris.

3)My name is Ana, my email is:

Anonymous said...

AHH! i love The Doris!!

I'd wear it with a big ol' brooch at the center, neckline. I just lucked out and bought 5 PAIRS of 50s shoes in 10 1/2 wide ( i have big feet, and now they are happy). definitely my favorite find!! I'd wear the brown pair, and finish it off with bright pink tights :)


bethannyputri said...

1.) the vintage 1970's bright green sparkle pleated maxi skirt is to die for, pair it with my dual-tone color (cream+tangerine) bralette, cover it with my tangerine hoodie coat.

2.) found a vintage pierre balmain bralette as low as IDR 1.000 at flea market - equal to 11 cents!!

bethanny putri supriadi,

beingrhubarb said...

Eeeek, have long been a fan of your bog & shop - so many pretty things.

What is your favorite item from the shop and how would you style it?

My favorite item is the 1970's bright green sparkle pleated maxi skirt. I'd team it with a heavily faded black vintage boy's star wars tshirt I own, tied in a knot at the waste, with rolled up sleeves. Then with a pair of peep toe dusty toned wedges and my long thin silver chain, that holds a sparkly stone at the end & possibly my small studded, draw string pouch - silver studs.

2.) What is the best vintage treasure you've ever acquired and where did you find it?

My favorite vintage treasure is a 'carpet coat' with a massive faux fur collar. I got from Camden market, London, when I was 15 ( I'm now 28 ) - it's been relined, had some major restoration work and dry cleaned more times then I can re-call over the years, but is still with me and I love it.

3.) Your name and email!

Natalie Cahillane

Lady said...

My favourite piece is 60's geometric mint green shift dress.

I would style it with my black suede la rochelle loafers, dark green 60's pea coat and a light brown satchel.

My favourite vintage find was an aforementioned satchel. It has a cool structured front and a wooden handle and also looks to be anything from the 60's to 90's as it has no tag whatsoever. I have found it two years ago in Lithuanian market.


Ron McQuade said...

What a great giveaway! There are so many fantastic pieces in the shop, I'm always tempted to buy them all.

My favourite piece at the moment is the Fleur art deco velvet dress. I would keep it simple with some black tights and maybe some glitter kitten heels for a slightly dressy look. It looks perfect for dancing in the dark in backstreets in the autumn.

My favourite vintage find is denim blue Gunne Sax dress with lots of lace trim, a sailor collar and a big full skirt. It makes me feel like I need some lambs.

My name is Ron and my email is

Lucy in the Sky said...

1. My favourite piece is the "Vintage 1930s Dress - Art Deco Velvet - The Fleur". This one caught my eye immediately. The colour, the material, the waist. It is just beautiful.
I would wear it with opaque black stockings, my vintage burgundy T-bar heels with a gold buckle, my matching vintage burgundy hand bag, my vintage ladies black and gold wristwatch with hand-painted roses and and my hair up in curls with a slick of red lipstick.

2. A gift my mother brought me home just today. It is a set of five 1950's different coloured shot glasses with gold trim, made in Italy. They only cost her a couple of dollars, and were in an obscure charity shop, but they are very special to me. They are my first set of drinking glasses and they strongly resemble the glasses that were given to my Grandma as a wedding present in 1952. She

3. My name is Lucy and my email is

Nicole Faith Roxas said...

1.)My favorite item from Bohemian Bisoux Vintage is the Vintage 1950s Dress - 50s Full Skirt Dress - The Lucille ( I love this dress so much! :) And I will pair it with a very nice flats, nice heart locket necklace, a cute pink sling bag and a vintage hat. =) Simple but elegant.

2.) The BEST vintage treasure I've ever acquired is a vintage dress my grandma gave to me. I love it sooooo much! =)

3.) I'm Nicole Faith Roxas and me email is -- :)

killing birds is not art said...

I would pick The Aimee Day dress, and wear it with a scarf around my head while baking cookies.

My favourite find is a beautiful 50s gingham dress in white and pale blue. I just have to lose some weight, then it will fit again.



TK said...

1. This dress has the loveliest seafoam color! I would love to wear it with red heels and a cute long necklace.

2. The best treasure I found is a locket necklace from ebay

3. tk / allthingsgo at

Joy said...

1) My favorite piece is the Garbo, the 40's art deco bird pin. I would style it with a navy blue blazer, a crisp white button up shirt, a peach organza skirt and polka-dotted flats.
2) The best vintage treasure I ever found was a dove gray wool blazer with a peter pan collar. I found it in my mother's closet when she was cleaning things out. Apparently, she wore it when she was my age.
3) My name is Joy,

Unknown said...

1. Aw, gosh, I have to pick just one?! Okay, I wanted to be more grown-up about it, but I just adore that 1950s Basket Handbag with the wee bird and coral on top. I love how it looks like a picnic basket and I will buy anything if it is equal parts darling & goofy...I'd accompany it with a little shift I have made of repurposed vintage cloth and an antique lace collar. I'd add 1960s pink pumps, white pointelle tights and my great-grandma's brooch.

2. I feel like this is cheating, but the best vintage find was from my sister's (now) mother-in-law's vintage shop in Alaska. It's a sixties bright yellow handbag with bakelite clasp. It makes vintage lovers gasp, it's that pretty. F'real.

3. Mia!

Anonymous said...

1. The vintage 40's Garnet Ring.

2. Mu Harper House Hamper I found when thrifting.

3. Debra Lee

audrey paige said...

1. I love the 60's pink feathered hat. I would style it with a circle skirt, a cream colored blouse with a peter pan color, pink round toed shoes with cute buttons, and pink rings and a simple necklace.

2. The most amazing things I have found at a vintage store were a caramel colored 70's purse and a brown drop-waist pleated dress with a scoop necked collar and cute buttons. I found them both at a local vintage store.

3. My name is Audrey and my email is :)

Julie said...

1. I really like the Vintage Fendi Purse - Envelope Cross Body - The Raquel. I would try to hide the strap as much as possible and use it as a clutch and I would wear something simple, like a neutral color cardigan over a white t/ tank with a pair of jeans.

2. I haven't found many great piece that fit me but I did find a nice pair of low heels at thrift town.

3. Julie - lilswtgurl85 at yahoo dot com

Tailor's Riches said...

1. Hard to choose but I think I would go for the 30s Jeanette black lace dress and wear it with a red slip, teal tights and red shoes.
2. My best vintage treasure is a 20s marbled leather clutch from my great-grandmother - it has a monogram and we have the same name.
3. I'm Mairi, I'm very happy to have found your blog!

Amy said...

1. I would buy the 'Vintage 1960s Hat - Pink Feather Hat - The Fleurette', it is absolutely lovely and perfect for my style. I just purchased a beautiful black lace dress that would look amazing with this hat to accompany it.
2. My absolute favorite find were two large feather headbands that I got from a flea market in Oakland, Ca last summer. They were truly amazing finds and only a few dollars.
3. I am Amy, my email is, and I blog at

Thank you for having this amazing offer!

Julia said...

Hello from far away!

I've been following your blog for quite some time now, both living in Stockholm and in Berlin. Your such an inspiration.

1. My best vintage treasure came out of another source of inspiration: The Royal Tenenbaums, and specifically Margot Tenenbaum. I've been in love with her and her style since I my first glance at her - and especially her fur coat.
Two weeks ago I found it. THE coat. On sale. In a vintage store. With the fur in perfect condition, silk on the inside and a waist belt.
I'm so much in love, I can hardly brief: I'm sleeping next to it.

2. I would love to carry the vintage 1950's basket in wood. It's unbearably cute with its fine details and the little bird on the top. I would take it on adventures, especially picnics, and befriend it with a pair of highwaisted dark blue shorts, a white sheer tunic with dark blue dots and nude ballerinas. And a bottle of homemade lemonade.

natalia said...

1. I looove the Peggy dress (and it's in my size, too — woot!) I'd wear it with my new black wood-heeled sandals that are just sitting in my apartment, waiting for the weather to get nice...
2. I bought an amaaazing silk dress at a vintage boutique round the corner from my house, and wore it around town biking and hanging out with friends...until I tore the crap out of the bust seams. Sigh.
(Witness the magic here:
3. Natalia, kev should drive at hot mail dot com!

Julia said...

From Julia: (who found Margot's fur and dreams about the 50's basket) my email adress is

The Pretty Song said...

1. My favorite item is The Marchesa top. I would style it with some high-waisted emerald green pants and black patent loafers, and wear it on St. Patrick's Day!

2. The best vintage I've ever found is a cream and yellow 50's party dress that my Aunt got at an estate sale. It's linen and chiffon and tons of dangling pearls and rhinestones. Heaven!

3. I'm Frances,

Unknown said...

Hello there,

1. My fav. item is the 1920's leather handbag. I would luv to wear/use it all spring/summer long with flowy skirts/dresses <3
2. An authentic vintage LV speedy purse via an Estate sale.
3. Tye Crawford

Thank you! <3

Greta said...

I love the 30's silk and lace nightgown, the Cecilia, and I would style it with a beautiful vintage silk kimono and some delicate slippers for lounging about the house being fancy.

My best vintage find ever was a lovely late 50's/early 60's pink, gray, and white flower patterened dress with a built in crinoline and matching belt that I found last year at the flea market for $10. It was about 100 degrees out that day, so I barely even held it up to me to check for fit, but when I got it home and tried it on it fit perfectly!