Friday, February 10, 2012

my baby loves lovin'

blouse  1970's vintage
skirt  1950's vintage
sunglasses  1950's vintage
necklace  vintage, flea market
purse  1950's vintage from adore vintage
shoes  1990's vintage

My mom said something to me the other day that I will never, ever forget. It was perhaps the best thing she's ever said to me: "You've always been you." Out of context it sounds funny, or as one of my friends joked, like "the answer to the meaning of life." But all my mom meant was that I've always loved what I love now. My taste in clothing, music, art, and everything has else has sharpened a bit over the years but fundamentally I'm exactly the same girl now that I was then. Still prancing about, still wearing glitter whenever possible, still obsessed with old things.

Thank you to everyone that sent me such lovely words of encouragement after my last post. I'm excited for this change and it gives me those warm fuzzy feelings to know that I have so much support from friends and strangers alike. So thank you, dear readers, it has not gone unnoticed! xo


Unknown said...

It's so true and important to always stay yourself... that's what makes you stand out of a crowd, and you definitely do, my dear (in the BEST WAYS!).

You look absolutely gorgeous in this outfit... love everything about it!


dear winsome said...

love everything about this outfit,that skirt is amazing! mom knows's always great when people really see you!

Krystle said...

Your outfit is such a dream. So soft, feminine, and romantic. Absolutely lovely! I would do anything to have a skirt like yours.

Frannie Pantz said...

That is the coolest thing ever for your mom to say. Aren't moms awesome at saying just the right things?

I could not love your outfit more. I love the lace and the bright pleated red skirt!

Keep being you because I've been watching you via your blog for about a year now and I have never been disappointed. Keep it up!

Flora Fricker said...

This is beautiful outfit! And some very wise words from your Mum! :) x

Anonymous said...

I love how bright that skirt is! Beautiful photos :)

decimal shoes said...

you are soooooo pretty :D
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Unknown said...

Your skirt looks like so much fun, I'm in love with the colour of it!

Carmen Ri.

amberly said...

Your energy is amazing, Ashley!! Sending it back to you always <3

Love, adore, salivating, over this look :) The skirt was such a fun surprise scrolling down!!

Evergreenley said...

Oh the skirt! I'm in love!

lauren, curious constellation said...

This post made me smile (: So excited for you!

Zane said...

that blouse is wonderful and so is the pleated skirt, adore the cute sunnies too

Anna said...

This is gorgeous! You look like a Valentine princess. The last photo is so much fun. I especially like your accessories here - the heart necklace and flower purse are so romantic.

Sandy a la Mode said...

such a beautiful v-day outfit!!

brunatreme said...

You look so cute!
Love the sunglasses <33


Sarah K. said...

wow, LOVE this outfit! the skirt & the blouse are both perfect. and you look stunning!

Ms. Falcon said...

OMG, you look stunning in this 50s skirt and lace top. ... adorable!

Gaby de Modacapital said...

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