Saturday, December 17, 2011

holiday giveaway #01: bohemian bisoux vintage

I am excited to be offering two amazing giveaways this month, both from wonderful vintage shops. The first giveaway is from Bohemian Bisoux Vintage and is for a generous $150 gift certificate. The giveaway is open to international readers and the shipping is on the house, oh my!

To enter the giveaway please leave a comment on this post with the following:

1) How did you discover Fancy Fine?
2) What item from Bohemian Bisoux Vintage do you covet the most?
3) Your name and email!

The deadline to enter is December 24th... good luck to everyone and be sure to check back soon for the second giveaway!


Fashion Faux Pas said...

I discovered Fancy Fine purely by chance, checking out some other blogger's fave list, and I got hooked. The item I covet the most from Bohemian Bisoux Vintage is Vintage 1950s Dress - 50s Cocktail Dress - The Margaux.
My name is Ruth Mendes and my email is

Anonymous said...

1) Gosh I can't even remember, I've been reading for so long! Most likely through another blog.. perhaps Sally Jane Vintage?
2) This beauty of a dress!
3) Hannah / hello[at]

Merry Christmas!

va said...

1. I found Fancy Fine through reading another fashion blog .
2 .
3 .va
tumblemumbo at

Amelia said...

love the vintage 40s earrings. i discovered fancy fine i think thru someone else's blog that you were featured on.


Lauren said...

1) probably through another lovely blog!
2) 50s Rhinestones - The Betty!
3) lauren: lauren.sham[at]gmail[dot]com

Ariel Welch said...

1) I friended another esty shop on twitter and it said that you were like them. So i checked you out. I actually found something on your shop that day and bought it. A pretty dress for christmas. Love your blog now too.

2) Love the 1950 sunglasses A little twist on A. Hepburns

3) Ariel

Edie said...

Hey! I found Fancy Fine a couple of years ago through another blog, maybe it was Liebemarlene. My favorite item in the shop is the Vintage 1950s Cat Eye Sunglasses - The Ethel.


Unknown said...

Hi There!

1. I found you guys through Skunkboy Creatures, which I've been reading for monthes.

2. This one- ... I love wearing vintage lingerie as dresses with fun tights and scarves. And boots. That one looks gorgeous.

3. My name is Emily, and my email is


Panni said...

1) Oh, I've been reading your blog for quite a long time, I can't remember it, but probably through another fashion blog.
2) I love their collection of jewelry. Every single piece is beautiful.
3) I'm Panni and my email address is:

inkandlead said...

I found Fancy Fine on another blog's favorites page!
I love the fifties cat eye sunglasses!

Marilyn said...

I found you through a friend's recommendation!
My favourite shop piece is the 60s Cocktail Dress (The Elizabeth)

The Thriftaholic (Leilani) said...

I found your lovely blog through Francesca's old blog, The Snail and The Cyclops.

It was hard to pick my favorite but I'd love to wear this red '50s dress to a holiday party!

Leilani thriftaholic(at)

Anonymous said...

i can't remember what blog, but i discovered you through someone else's blog.

i'm love the giant collar on this dress


Taylor said...

1.) Oh my... I've been following you for a while now, and I believe I discovered your blog via another blog that I follow (can't remember which one, though!)

2.) I hate choosing favorites (because everything is way too lovely,) but I'd have to say that it is a toss up between the Vintage 1950s Peignoir Set - The Effie, and the 50s Cocktail Dress - The Opal.

Mary said...

1) I found your blog through a friend's recommendation
2) I really like all their jewelry pieces, but my fav would have to be the Vintage 30's Earrings - The Shoshanna.
3) Mary:

kyrie said...

Thank you for such a great giveaway!

1. I found Fancy Fine through your polyvore account actually. I think that I saw your page while perusing who calivintage was following.
2. I cannot decide between the bloomers & the chestnut mink wrap~ they are both amazing.
3. My name is Kyrie and my email is

Lo said...

I discovered your blog through Fashion Forestry, I saw you and thought you had great style! I really love this antique slide necklace:

Amandine said...

1. I found you via a blog I follow. Calivintage or Libemarlene maybe?
2. I like both the Dorothy and the Fleur equally.
3. My name is Amanda and my email is

Margot Clemmons said...

Love the holiday giveaway.
I found your blog through another blog, but I can't remember which.
I love the hats, my favorite is The Joanna.
Margot, margot.clemmons(at)gmail(dot)com

victoria a.- said...

i found you not so long ago, hopping from a blog to another. it was so lovely here that i decided to stay :)
i love the clementine hat, perfect for summer
victoria // toi.assanelli [at] gmail dot com


celliasaragih said...

found you from another blog. i forgot, sorry.
i love :


Michelle said...

1) I discovered Fancy Fine through another blog, but I can't remember which one!

2) THIS!!

3) Michelle,

kristin @ high socks said...

i think your blog was linked on a tumblr post!

coveting this wool dress!

kcheverie at gmail dot com

Zoë, Lion Heart Vintage said...

I discovered Fancy Fine on a fateful day in autumn... the leaves were bustling outside my window as a chilly fall breeze rustled the trees... and a small gasp escaped my lips as I opened an imagine of Ms.Ashley in the most perfect vintage frock and fascinator! I was in blog-love. ^_^

A little gasp also escaped my lips when I saw the beautiful "Aimee camel wool coat" on Bohemian Bisoux Vintage. Delightful! Thank-you for the great giveaway opportunity!

My name:
Zoë Biggs (aka Lion Heart Vintage)
My email:

Lucia said...

I don't remember the first time I found your blog but I think I came from a blog I follow :)

I love Vintage 1960s Jacket - 60s Red Jacket - The Amelia

Sage said...

1) I found your blog through your Facebook page, although I have no idea how I ended up there in the first place... (creeper alert)

2) I'm so in love with The Fleur. I love that berry colour and I can never resist a velvet dress from the 30's!

3) Sage (

Danielle V. said...

I found you through a Google search, actually! (and happily follow you via Bloglovin!)

I'm totally in love with the 1930s Satin Gown - The Margalo. Gosh, so elegant! :)


Anna said...

I was browsing another blog and saw your link in the suggestions -- I can't remember which one though!

I like this hat

I have no idea what I'd wear it for, but the best pieces are the entirely impractical ones :)

Teddi said...

1. i can't remember. maybe mod cloth blogger of the month. or ashley left a comment on my blog? or someone else's blog mentioned this blog?
2. 70s Peasant Blouse - The Isabelle
3. teddi tbear103 AT gmail DOT com

Elyse (Give Me Bows) said...

What a lovely giveaway! I discovered your blog from someone else's blogroll, but alas, I cannot remember who!
I love the Opal 1950s dress, it's gorgeous <3
givemebows[at]gmail[dot]com x

killing birds is not art said...
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greymissed said...

1) I discovered it through the blog Sally Jane Vintage.

2) The Lucille!

3) Cheryl,

Thanks for doing this giveaway!

Lavender_attic said...

1) From Sally Jane Vintage blog :)
2) Vintage 1950s Dress - 50s Full Skirt Dress - The Lucille

Jingli jingli1984 at hotmail dot com

Natasha Fatah said...

Hi there, thanks for the giveaway!
I've been following you for several months, I don't even remember how I found your blog.
My favourite items are the Vintage 1930s Earrings - Chandelier Earrings - The Carinne. Just lovely.

natashafatah at gmail dot com

Alicia said...

Oh, la! I love this etsy store quite a lot.
1.) I've been reading your blog so long, I forgot how I discovered it! I think maybe through Fashion Forestry?
2.) I'd love to own this:
3.) My name is Alicia, and my email is clothdoll(at)gmail(dot)com

mary van note said...

I found you via Fashion Forestry. Current covet is this navy blue simple but pretty dress

maryvannote (at) gmail (dot) com

AGNES said...

1. I found your blog years ago through Liebemarlene! I have always been a fan of vintage clothes but I had a period in my life when I was tierd in reading blogs so i stoped. A couple of months ago i looked at a map of pictures in my computer and i found a photo of a cute girl with brown hair wearing a nice dress, I did'nt know who the girl was or where i've got the photo but the photo was named "FancyFine" and I googled it and found you, once again.
2. From the Bohemian Bisoux Vintage i would like the white 50's cocktail dress. It would be perfekt for when I graduate from my school in june (In Sweden the girls always wear white dresses on their graduation day, and white sailor caps!! it's gonna be awesome!)
3. Agnes Björk

Elena Poletto said...

I discovered this blog through another blogger's favorite list-I can't remember which one, though. I love this dress-
Elena (

hrodias said...

I discovered your blog from someone else's blogroll
Vintage 1940s Earrings - Opal Earrings

Julie Norman said...

Fancy Fine was one of my suggested sites from google reader :)
I LOVE this hat

maria said...

1. I discovered Fancy Fine on Souvenirs of Girl blog, clicking through her favorite blogs : ).

2. My favorite item from Bohemian Bisoux Vintage is the 1960's silver tunic:

3. My name is María Santarini and my email is

Antonia Catherine Gray said...

heya! I discovered fancy fine when i was looking for summer dresses on esty and I bought one from you, I checked out the blog and love it!
The Bohemian bisoux item i love is the pheasant feather beret. There are always afew pheasants strutting around my garden in Scotland!
My name's antonia and my e-mail is

Emily, Ruby Slipper Journeys said...

I found Fancy Fine through another blog (Old Hat Diary) in Summer 2010.

And I'd probably start with this 1940s dress:

and add some hats!


Rachael said...

I think I first discovered your blog through The Snail & the Cyclops. My current most covetable item is The Blythe Vintage 60's peignoir set. So pretty!

Rachael at

Rachel Johnston said...

I discovered you last year when my brother got engaged and I was looking at vintage bloggers/etsy stores for ideas of what to wear to the wedding! I've been reading ever since, but I've never commented on anything until now! Now my other brother just got engaged so I have more shopping to do!

I am DYING for the Bordeaux 1950s blouse, it would look so perfect with this skirt I plan on wearing to the engagement party!

Lisa said...

I discovered Fancy Fine through my friend Carmen at Closet Case Vintage. I have been drooling over these sweet shades:

Charlotte said...

1) I have been reading your blog for so long now that I do not remember how I found you, but I am sure glad that I did.
2) Vintage 1950s Blouse - 50s Nylon Top - The Bordeaux (my size and everything.
3) Charlotte email address is:

Ana said...

Hi, thanks a lot for the lovely giveaway!

1) I have no idea how I first stumbled across your blog, probably through a random google search. I remember the first post I read though, the room feature; all the pretty dresses lined up on the door, it was so inspiring.:)
(I'm so jealous of your dress collection!)

2) My favourite item in Bohemian Bisoux at the moment would have to be the 50s Cocktail Dress - The Opal.


PS. I follow you through Google Reader, hope that counts.

Roxanne Rosensteel said...

1) Oh goodness, I'm fairly certain I found you through calivintage. And I've been smitten ever since.
2) Those 50's sunglasses are probably one of the best things I've ever seen.
3) Roxanne! at

Romina s. said...

I remember searching on Etsy for some dresses and found your store & then your blog. I've been reading for about 6 months now :) Never commenting but always reading!

Those 1920's leather riding boots...Oh god. 200$ ouch. but oh so pretty.


14 Shades of Grey said...

I discovered Fancy Fine via, believe it or not, a picture on Pinterest, and immediately added to my reading list!

My favorite item from Bohemian Bisoux is the 50s Seersucker Shirtwaist Dress (the Betsy). So pretty!


NicoLe said...


I absolutely LUV the vintage fur sole ( Although I found myself eyeing all the earrings and shoes that is fur sure my favorite piece.

I found you blog via The Clothes Horse's posts on tumblr!

Before I visited you site just now I was thinking about how much yours has become my favorite blog to look at for outfit inspirations. I love your funky fun use of color and texture.

My name is Nicole and you can contact me @

Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

I found you about two years ago now or so, therefore I don't remember how I found you!
Vintage 1960s Suit - 60s Houndstooth Suit - The Dawn (My name is Victoria)

Burn That Dress said...

1) Oh dear it's been so long, well it's more than likely I stumbled across your blog from another bloggers link
2) 'Vintage 1930s Dress - 30s Silk Dress - The Dorothy' is a cute little number
3) Burn That Dress at

MARGARET said...

I remember discovering your blog like 2 or 3 years ago on CaliVintage and just being hooked. I really like the Antique Slide Necklace! :-) Please email me at margeincharge(At)Gmail(dot)com. xoxo!

yasmina said...

i found your blog through le blog de i like this cocktail dress Letilor
yasmine at

Babes in Thriftland said...

Wow, how did I find out about Fancy Fine... I think it must have been through another blog. I can't remember because I think I've been following you for about a year. I really like the 50's day dress - The Sara. So cute!! Crossing my fingers :)


VintageLovingMom said...

Wow, I honestly can't remember how I happened across Fancy Fine, but I've been a follower for a while!

My favorites from Bohemian Bisoux Vintage are the Ava 50's plaid wool jacket and the 40's bakelite cameo. They are so gorgeous!

Thanks for hosting such an awesome giveaway!

gilland [at] etsu [dot] edu

alice said...

I discovered Fancy Fine after clicking through several blogs - you know how it is, you start at one and end up with 10 new favorites.

My favorite in the shop is the "Vintage 1950s Dress - 50s Tulle Dress - The Monroe"

lovealice22 at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

Found your blog through skunkboy creatures, and I love the vintage mink stole. :)


Kristina Uriegas-Reyes said...

I love the black 1930's earrings and I found Fancy Fine through BUST Magazine or Calivintage.


Alexis Callaway Murine said...

I discovered Fancy Fine through another blog, of which I can't remember, but you are so fabulous (and tall!) I always have to check in on you!
I love me some opals... So the 40s opal earrings are pretty wonderful, and if I had smaller feet I would definitely want the 20s leather boots!
I've gotten a beaded 50s hat from Bohemian Bisoux, which I love, so I would be thrilled for more goodies :)

Alexis Murine

Sarah Dee said...

1) I discovered fancy fine through another blog. I wish I could remember which!
2) This dress!
It's so divine! I just would be so happy if I could own it <3 <3 <3
3) My name is sarah and my email is sarahdee (at) live (dot) come

<3 Sarah

Gabrielle Clayvon said...

1. I first heard about Fancy Fine through another blogs link page. As soon as I saw your quirky yet fabulously vintage chic outfit post I knew I would follow your blog for years to come. I have been following your post since last 2010.

2. I covet the Vintage 1930s Wedding Dress - 30s Bridal Gown - The Daisie. My original dress was not of my choosing because my mother paid for it. So, If I could re-marry my husband again it would be in this gorgeous vintage 30's dress.

3. Gabrielle-

Stephanie said...

I must have found your lovely blog by reading another- not sure which. One of my fave peices from the shop is the Daisie 30s wedding dress.
lotus2434 AT gmail DOT com

Miriam said...

Hello! I am Miriam and I came across Fancy Fine via calivintage who posted a shot of you wearing some lacy number that I thought was DIVINE so I wandered on over to your corner of the interwebs and have subscribed ever since!

I would LOVE the Vintage 1950s Hat - White Feathered Hat - The Luna. I am a sucker for feathered things and hats in general

my email is miriamNwells [at] gmail [dot] com

stuckinazoo said...

1) I discovered Fancy Fine when Modcloth featured it as the blog of the week- I was smitten with all of the beautiful photography and dresses!
2) Hmm, this is a toughie. I love the 50's seersucker dress. I'm a sucker for anything with a peter pan collar!
3) Jessica @

Thanks for hosting such a lovely giveaway!

Unknown said...

I discovered Fancy Fine from another blog. I love The Lucille:, my name is Meanz, and my e-mail is meanzchan[at]gmail[dot]com

Emma said...

1)I actually discovered you on Pinterest. Someone had pinned an outfit of yours.

2)I'm loving the Vintage Peignoir Set - Mint Green Babydoll.

3)Emma and

Jenna// said...

1. I remember exactly finding your blog through Hannah & Landon probably almost two years ago. I instantly added you to my daily blog reads because I just liked how you styled yourself.
2. Oooh. LOVE the mint green babydoll vintage slip and the 60s wool dress.
3. Jenna /

courtney said...

I probably discovered your loveliness through another blogs links - possibly Hanna and Landon or It girl Rag Doll ?
My favorite Bohemian Bisoux item is the 40s apron dress, though they always have many wedding dresses I dream of owning too.

My name is Courtney Allender and my email is

Thanks for the lovely giveaway!

PuppyLovePrincess said...

i discovered your sweet blog through mousevox vintage, and i LOVE the lucielle floral dress (yay for floral prints!)

erika, puppylovepreschool(at)yahoo(dot)com

Audrey said...

1) I discovered Fancy Fine through a close friend! She suggested that I should read your blog and of course i fell in love with it as she did.

2) What I would love to own from Bohemian Bisoux Vintage is the 50s cocktail dress (the margaux). Its a lovely dress that i would could dream of owning.

3) audrey,

ailsa said...

1. i think through the snail and the cyclops, but i can't really remember!
2. that delicious velvet art deco dress "the ophelia", yum.
3. ailsa,

Denisha said...

1.i heard about you from modcloth's blog favorite piece is the 30's chandelier earrings(the carinne) Denisha,

Gienah Ghurab said...

I don't remember how I discovered you; I've been following you through Google Reader for a looong time. Probably someone from another blog mentioned you, I checked you out & added you.

The only item in the shop that will fit me right now is the 50s Cat Eye Sunglasses - The Ethel! But they're amazing!

Gienah Ghurab gienahghurab [at] yahoo [dot] com


Abigail B. said...

I discovered your blog through a link from here:
So many cute things at the shop, but my favorite is the 50s silk top- The Kora. I love that color!
My email is:
Hope I win!

TK said...

I think I found you through Modcloth. and My favorite item is the Opal dress! allthingsgo at gmail dot com

Aztec Princess said...

1. I found your blog through the velvet bird

2. vintage 1940s blue cap!

3. Marisa


Anonymous said...

1. I found Fancy Fine on another blog doing a feature on House of Maryanne Vintage. Maryanne mentioned it as one of her favourite bloggers and I have been hooked ever since.

2. My favourite item is the 1950s/60s pale yellow chiffon gown. So beautiful and elegant.

3. Maggie

Sammi said...

1. I found Fancy Fine on another blog sometime ago now...I've loved it ever since

2. Love the Antique Slide Necklace - Victorian Fob Chain - The Coco

3. Sammi

so jeles said...

I discovered fancy fine through facebook through the bohemian bisoux vintage.
I love theThe Margaux dress....lovely
Tara jeles