Sunday, September 11, 2011

new york: part four

dress  vintage (both of 'em!)
shoes  fletcher by lyell

I've been taking so many silly nighttime photos here in New York with my film camera but I won't be able to share any of them until I get back to San Francisco. Which means that you get to see all of the non-sweaty daytime shots first, the "posed" ones, and then later there will be an onslaught of grainy craziness with lots of dancing and mischief. Oh, and many shirtless men (who for some reason kept popping up all over in groups). I'll be sad on Tuesday when I have to say goodbye to this city and to all the fantastic ladies I've had the pleasure of palling around with. And I will especially miss Emily and being able to photograph her pretty face every day... has anyone ever looked better in a mini skirt? Wowza!


kater said...

Ugh, you ladies make me want to shave my head and give up on hair forever! Such pretties!!

Katherine said...

What pretty blue dresses!
NY looks like super fun.

Tieka, Selective Potential said...

You both look absolutely gorgeous!! It was so lovely to meet both of you in the city!! Can't wait to wear my cute little red polka-dot number! :)

The Thriftaholic (Leilani) said...

I adore Emily's curls and her suede mini skirt! Your coat dress is amazing, I hope to find one with ruffles on the back some day.

I'm growing more and more envious of your trip after each of your posts. :)

Anonymous said...

lovely dress! :)

Love Simple Green

Anonymous said...

gah! that dress is gorgeous!

Kara McKenzie said...

I LOVE Emily's crop top/cropped jacket combo! Why have I never thought of that!?

Kara of Fancy That

out of order said...

oh so cute, I love your initial pin!


Unknown said...

i love the peter pan collared dress and emily's curled hair is darling!

<3 steffy
Steffys Pros and Cons

hannah, heart city said...

miss you guys already!!! wish i hadn't been such a sleepyhead on saturday night but maybe i will just have to come hunt you down in SF in the next few months.. >'-'<

ps.. i know what she's doing:

gabrielle said...

you girls are so fashionable. i get so much inspiration from your blog. thank you.


Sorcha said...

These pictures are incredible. You make it all look like so much fun - even the non grimy/sweaty parts, hah.

Unknown said...

loving everything about the outfits!


Ashley/ MILK TEETHS said...

oh man, it looks like you two were painting the town red. Where do I sign up to join? :)

Emeli said...

little question:
do you have curly hair or how do you get the endings so pretty and twisted?

goodbadnfab said...

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Ashley, Lions Lace Lattes said...

Hi Ashley! You got some great shots! I love the Chelsea hotel photo. I absolutely adore you little A pin! I want one now. lol.

xo Ashley

The Semi Sweet said...

Gorgeous photos!! It was really great meeting you at the blogger picnic on Saturday:) You organized a great event.

Zoë, Lion Heart Vintage said...

haha, i don't think it's mere coincidence that shirtless men flock to you in droves... i mean come on! ^_^

love both of those amazing blue dresses!