Thursday, July 28, 2011

wine country


A pretty doll at my favorite Petaluma antique store, Summer Cottage Antiques.

blouse  vintage from flea market
dress (worn as skirt)  vintage
necklace  vintage
sunglasses  asos
satchel  vintage
shoes  fletcher by lyell

Last weekend I traveled up north to Geyserville with a friend for a bit of wine tasting, antiquing and frolicking. I grew up in Santa Rosa (the "bottle neck of wine country") so it's always fun for me to visit my old favorite spots. We made a quick stop in Petaluma so I could visit my favorite antique store and then made our way to the Francis Coppola winery for lunch on a sunny balcony overlooking the vineyards. I felt pretty darn spoiled! A few wineries later I ended up at my parents' house where my grandma complimented me on my choice of a short slip under the longer sheer dress. My mom just wrinkled her nose and said "I'm not sure I approve of the 'nude illusion' look." Ha! I'll keep that in mind, Mom.

P.S. I must admit that I felt more than a little guilty about my rather luxurious little adventure when I read the news the following day about the shooting in Norway. My heart goes out to everyone that was affected by this terrible tragedy.


Victory Garden Yarn said...

Ah, your beautiful photos remind me of trips my family used to take to Napa, Yountville, Calistoga, and St. Helena when I was little! I spent many happy hours wandering around vineyards with my cousins while our parents were sipping wine in the tasting rooms. I can almost smell the warm earth now! ;)

Unknown said...

Lovely shots and your skirt is so cute, especially with those amazing sunglasses!

Carmen Ri.

Taylor said...

I love your new header... and your outfit is fantastic!

Unknown said...

looks like fun! your outfit is so cute, love the pleated skirt!

Roxanne Rosensteel said...

It's fun to see photos in my neck of the woods! Most of my days are spent running around vineyards, haha. I adore that skirt, it's so gorgeous. And I've also been wearing shorter slips under longer skirts. It's just the right amount of skin.

Unknown said...

these are gorgeous pics, I am loving your ensemble, especially those sunnies on you! My grandma used to have her own jewelry business back in the day and she recently just gave me all of her leftover beads and some of her old necklaces she had made.... your necklace is so similar to a few pieces she gave me, so cool!


Emily Rose said...

hah, funny cause yesterday i wore a black lace shirt with a black bra under. much more of a nude illusion hehe. but i love the look on you. and your sun glasses are sweet!

Unknown said...

your sunnies are the best!

<3 steffy
Steffys Pros and Cons

Unknown said...

Why must you always have the cutest accessories and vintage clothing?!

YOU, are amazing.



oh, how i can't wait to be able to take trips to wine country soon! i think i'm going to have to start using the phrase "nude illusion" in regular rotation now.

cocktailvintage said...

a bag to die for!!!!!

Hope said...

I absolutely love this look. Beautiful photos!!


Annalise said...

Love your pretty little floral top Ashley! I'm going to a winery here in Santa Barbara with my family tomorrow. I hope the weather is as nice as it looks in your photos. Today it's a little over cast. :( Let's get together when I'm back in the city next week.

Teddi said...

fantastic skirt! lovely blouse combination, as well.