Friday, July 8, 2011

reno part three

Slot machines stole my money.

The mysterious Peter dance dance dancing.

I have no idea what I'm singing here, but it must be silly.

Peter serenading a lady on the sidewalk.

Reno is: smokey bars, sweaty bangs, Peter's finger sneaking into the corner of every other photo, slot machines called Maltese Fortune and Kitty Glitter, too much air conditioning, little kids hanging out at arcades until one in the morning, air hockey showdowns, two showers every day, SPF 100, strip clubs called Wild Orchid, chicken wing festivals, karaoke DJs named Isaac, two cameras in my bag at all times, amazing motel signs, lonely side streets, talkative locals, the best antique stores ever, buffets, old men in western shirts smoking cigars, quite an adventure.


out of order said...

looks like fun, sounds a bit sweaty/smelly :)


Anonymous said...

looks like a whole lot of fun"what to buy for>

Jo - Lost in the Haze said...

This looks amaaaaazing! I love arcades!

Lost in the Haze

Verseau Vintage said...

I've seen the Kitty Glitter slot machine! It's amazing.

sib vintage said...

is it werid to say i enjoy how goofy you are! of course is the best way possiable! : )

Teddi said...

the top photo is divine! also adore the one where you're onstage singing & dancing in you're swinging dress! glad you had a good time.

Anonymous said...

Oh, sounds amazing! And I hear you on the sweaty bangs ... this is usually why I grow my bangs out in summer.

Kelly @
Elegantly Academic

Unknown said...

slot machines are always stealing money! i wish they werent so inviting :)

<3 steffy
Steffys Pros and Cons

Helga said...

YAAAAY!!! Action karaoke pix! Looking hot.In fact,Reno clearly agrees with you.I think you were born to be a Reno-ite!

├ćnne said...

Just discovered your blog!!
It's amazing!!
Started following you!

Kisses Anne


i'm sure some of these photos were taken on different days, but i kind of love the idea of you doing a wardrobe change during karaoke. i foresee a cirus, circus date in our near future - the maltese fortune said so!

Sarah said...

Your blog is so cute. I adore this post. From someone who used to live in Reno and still lives very close, you are rather correct in what Reno is. I am glad you had an adventure. Your pics are great!

Ashley/ MILK TEETHS said...

putting an end to my secret lurking: I think you're pretty swell and you make nevada look wayyyyy more awesome than it is ;)