Wednesday, July 6, 2011

reno part one


I bought this hilarious vintage hat during the trip at a cute antique store called Junkee.

In front of Antiques & Treasures Downtown, one of my favorite places we went to.

Why didn't I buy this? Whyyy?

This is what I looked like walking out of every store... sweaty, half-crazed and carrying a gigantic bag.

romper  vintage from sally jane vintage
hat  vintage
sunglasses  anthropologie
tote bag  vintage from dear golden
sandals  seychelles

I like Reno. In fact, I really like Reno. I've always been a lover of anything kitsch and Reno is kitschville to the max. I went for a long weekend with my friend Peter, one of the coolest dudes I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. The number one thing on my Reno agenda was to hit up every thrift and antique store we could find, and I must say we were quite successful! I came home with six giant shopping bags filled with amazing things (mostly to sell, but a few to keep). The prices there are so amazing it was hard not to go crazy. Not that I was even trying to stop myself.

We stayed at the Eldorado and it was exactly what you would hope Reno to be like: cheesy, flashy and filled with the most random assortment of humans ever. The casinos are especially excellent for people watching, one of my favorite activities. I was so intrigued by the surreal surroundings that I barely had the patience to do any gambling (although I did win $1.81 on the slots, woo). Peter and I also managed to find the best karaoke bar ever (surprise surprise) and by the end of the night we felt right at home.

The most interesting thing about our weekend was how desolate parts of Reno can be. There were tons of people in the casinos and walking along the main strip but as soon as we walked onto a side street we were pretty much alone. This was kind of amazing considering all the cool old motels from the 50's and 60's were off the strip, which meant we could just wander and take photos without anyone disturbing us. It almost felt like being on a deserted movie set. I am already excited to go back... get that buffet ready for me, Reno!


Emily Rose said...

ah! this trip looks so great. and know whats crazy? I just found like four bags in different colors at the thrift store that look just like your white one! crazy huh?

Anonymous said...

Awww ... Goodwill my old friend :)
Loving the pockets on that romper. I love anything with pockets. Whenever I buy fortune cookies I always put the ones I like into the pocket of the outfit I'm wearing, so when I wear it next time I am reminded of how fortunate I am - yep, cheesy!

Kelly @
Elegantly Academic

amy said...

Peachy and perfect. You're always a doll............ good will is heavenly.!!

sweetness xx
hope to hear from you*!

Ruth said...

*Just a side note, I love your hair so almost makes me want to grow mine out...but I'm not that patient.

P.S. Enter my giveaway, if you'd like. :)

Liz said...

i have to say that i love that you are not afraid to be a little silly on your blog sometimes. i always make funny faces and act kind of goofy and ive always loved that about your blog!

im seriously jonesing for a goodwill warehouse trip!

Arianne said...

That kitchen installation looks fantastic! I want to go to the USA just to shop thrift! I'm glad you had a wonderfully summery day. :D

Arianne from A + B in the Sea

Sea Bird said...

Wow, that looks like thrift store heaven! I love the dress you have on, its so perfect for summer and looks great with your shoes!

Teddi said...

ok ashley now you gotta spill what karaoke songs you guys sang! or what are your top 5 fave foods. the hat looks great on you. holy vintage sore heaven!

Unknown said...

reno looks just amazing and i love that romper!

<3 steffy
Steffys Pros and Cons

fashion doctor said...

funy pics! love your outfit! xoxoo

jo_annie said...

Oooh. I saw and ogled that romper from Sally Jane! So you're the one who scored it! =) Looks great on you!!!

girl and bird said...

i love the quirky colours! and that place looks awesome-D

Annah xx

Taylor said...

Hah, that hat is quite interesting... I too buy strange vintage pieces, especially hats, just because they look so fun. They're kind of hard to resist!

I absolutely love your romper! It's so cute, and perfect for summer.

Lo said...

now I really want to go to reno!

Mallory said...

endlessly jealous. i wish there was a reno-equivalent thrift-store-wise in my part of the country... sadly that is not the case.

also - goodwills near me don't have bags that huge! that's amazing. usually they have to divide my stuff up in between like 5 small bags.

Crystal Lee said...

omg. never been to Reno but now I totally want to. love the pastel tires, love your outfit (especially the hat!), love the Thunderbird hotel, love the abandoned retroness. Glad you had a nice time.

Gabriella said...

LOVE the outfit! especially the fun hat!!!!

Amber said...

i never thought Reno would be for me but it sounds awesome and your pics make it seem like a fun little town. Must put this on my must visit list


hahaha Reno is the funniest city on earth!! It looks so beautiful during the day... I've only ever driven through at night, but considering im not a gambler, i think i would have been better off on a trip like yours!

Unknown said...

Looks like it was such a successful trip! I've been wanting to go to reno with my boyfriend for some time now since I haven't been in years.... will have to check out some of the spots you went to for sure! LOVE your outfit too!!!


Maria Ramona said...

you look so adorable and breezy --i love that little stripey dress. looks like it was a wonderful trip. :)

Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

that hat is cool!!!!