Sunday, June 12, 2011

partly cloudy

dress  vintage
cardigan  j. crew
tote bag  vintage
shoes  vintage ferragamo

Hello, San Francisco Summer.


Bad Taste Toast said...

I love the photo of the clouds, it's so pretty! And your bag too, major florals love! :)

Kristin said...

i like your bag! hope you enjoy the summer. i saw your bust pics in the magazine your so pretty. congrats!

maria_G said...

wonderful photos as always!
love the dress, it's the perfect blue!

much love from New York!

Kamilla said...

love the outfit on the first picture!
great blog!!!

Sophi said...

Ooh, great shot of the clouds! I love your tapestry bag, too. Cute city :)

I'm still getting used to SF summer! It's kind of sad, it'll be hot full sun when I board the train in Mountain View and then it just gets progressively cloudier and cloudier as we go north. Oh well! There's always the weekend right?

Grace said...

Oh my goodness, that photo of the clouds is INSANE. amazing photography!

your bag is soo adorable :)

xo Grace

Jo said...

The clouds look crazy good! <3 And I love love love your tapestry bag!


elspeth angharad said...

I love your dress, lovely blog xx

Meanz said...

I absolutely adore that dress and I love how it matches the clouds! That's a lovely picture!

Meanz (Koi Story)

Phara said...

Such a beautiful dress, fits you perfectly. And love it when the clouds are like this, always amazing to take pictures.

Caitie said...

I'm with you on that.... SF make up your mind already! I hope you were as successful as I was at the flea market yesterday!


Meena Dhuga said...
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