Wednesday, June 1, 2011

giveaway: closet case vintage

Closet Case Vintage has something to please just about any vintage-loving girl, from glamorous silk jumpsuits to demure full-skirted frocks. The stylish proprietress, Carmen Jaudon, has a knack for styling beautiful photo shoots featuring treasures from every era. She is also generously giving away one $50 gift certificate to one of my readers!

If you'd like to win a $50 gift certificate to Closet Case Vintage please leave a comment with the following:

1.) Which item from the shop would you buy with your gift certificate and how would you style it?
2.) If you could only recommend one stylish movie to watch, which it would it be?
3.) Your email!

The giveaway is open to international ladies and the winner will be announced on June 6th. Good luck!


s. said...

Im in love with the fringed white sweater! I'd pair it with a floral top and shorts!

My favorite stylish movie recently was actually Cheri. Michelle Pseiffer was gorgeous!

siilentii27 at gmail dot com

Unknown said...

Only choosing one item would be very difficult but I think I would just HAVE to get the:
1. '70's satin cream body suit jumpsuit'.
2. I would wear a chunky necklace and stack some bangles, rounded sunnies, a nude or brown belt (would remove the jumpers belt) and some super high jeffrey campbell platforms. If it was a little cooly outside I would wear a nude oversized blazer-esque jacket.
3. My email is:!

lauren, curious constellation said...

This is exactly something I would wear -->

I can't chose just one movie, oh goodness. It'd have to be either An Education or Bright Star.

Unknown said...

Hello !

Ok, the shop is great, so let's try !

1. I would buy the "60s chocolate brown suede leather mini skirt cropped vest set".

I would wear the skirt with a vintage stripped sleeveless shirt and vintage Bally brogues I wear all the time.

For the vest, I would wear it with a white buttoned up shirt, a vintage cream flannel pants I love and high heels.

Oh and nerd glasses too !

2. For the movie, "Play it again, Sam" by Herbert Ross. Every outfit of Diane Keaton is a dream.

3. my email

Thank U and See U !

stochastic said...

Fun contest rules!

1. I'd put my certificate toward 50s Pencil Thin Floral Printed White and Black Full-Skirted Sundress. I'd put a black belt over it, throw on some black kitten heels, and roll my hair!

2. My favorite stylish movie is actually a show (is that cheating)? God help me, I love the Mary Tyler Moore show (but only when non-tacky) :)

3. mmmbrains (at) gmail (dot) com

Samantha :)

Carys said...

1.I would choose this item:
And I would style it very simply for summer, with my charm bracelet and tousled milkmaid braids (if I had long enough hair).

2.My favourite stylish movie is An Education, even before she is meant to look glamourous her outfits are just perfect.

Suzanna said...


i would style this kitty with a bow tie and top hat and a little monocle.
2.) pierrot le fou
3.) suzannabunny@gmail(dot)com

Anonymous said...

1) I looove the 80s Teal and Gray Striped Mini High Waisted, and I'd style it with a tucked in black racerback tank, grey heels, and my pretty turquoise bird necklace.

2)The Royal Tenenbaums, but I have a feeling most people have seen that gem.


Taylor Kitto / The Little Deer said...

1/ Love the 50s Pencil Thin Floral Printed White Dress. So cute and perfect for summer!

2/ Hmm... I always look to Anna Karina films for style. I also love Miss Hepburn in Paris When It Sizzles.


Lucy said...

I love the 60s pale pink and rose necklace! And my favorite stylish movie has to be "The Devil Wears Prada."

Edie said...

1) the "60s Hot Pink and Cream Metal Flower Sweet Little Pin" and style it with a summery dress and wedges.

2) Mystery Train!


Julie Smith said...

1) I'd also buy the 80s Teal and Gray Striped Mini High Waisted Skirt, it's unbelievably stunning and I'd style it with a white tank top, lots of beads and long necklaces.

2) One stylish movie I recommend is Clueless, the clothes Alicia Silverstone is wearing in this movie are absolutely stunning.


BB said...

1. since i fancy myself a bit of a brooch fiend, i would love nothing more than to add the 60s hot pink and cream metal flower sweet little pin to my ever-growing collection and would wear it first with a simple pair of dark-washed jeans (cuffed) a brown wedge sandal, a white tank top and the pin right in the bottom center of the scoop on the tank with cherry red lips.

2. the movie that i DIED OVER every single fashion-y seventies piece was my newest indie obsession: made in dagenham. especially the twiggy-esque blonde's hair and makeup.

3. my e-mail addy? why, it's bargainbex at yahoo dot com. thanks for asking! :)

Stacey said...

I would get... this set... [maybe?]

and I would style it with a fedora and oxfords!

I don't really watch stylish... movies per se, but I love Miyazaki movies and I draw inspiration from them!

starstacey at gmail dot com

Cel Dayacap said...

1. I would buy the 90s Washed Out Florals Mini Dress

2. I would recommend An Education starring Carrie Mulligan because it embodies classic and French fashion.


m.fay said...

oh, goodness!

it would have to be the 70s Patchwork FURrrina Bomber Coat. yes, it's summer....but this is a beauty! when the weather turns, i would pair it with a cream silk maxi and worn leather laced-up boots.

my favorite stylish movie. a single man. early 60's, beautiful colour schemes, and that eye makeup. love!

amateurcouture at

haley said...

I would definitely buy the 50s Nude Deck of Cards Cotton Tank. It is so so cute! I would style it with either a high wasted skirt or high wasted jean shorts with some combat boots (the steve madden ones i am OBSESSED with).

I don't watch to many movies but basically i really love zooey deschanel and all of her movies. I think she has pretty good style! Or Woodstock the documentary, but i don't know if that is cheating...

So the one movie I would choose would be Taking Woodstock.

and last but not least,

Georgia Rose said...

1. I'd get this dress:
And wear it with my electric blue pea coat, and a pale blue scarf tied around my neck and fastened with a bow.

2. Heavenly Creatures! Amazing 50s style.

georgianess at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

I'd love this dress with oxfords and a satchel

I'd recommend a show, Mad Men, which is worth watching even for the outfits alone!

my email is dar.142173 at yahoo dot com

vivy said...

If I was lucky enough to win the giveaway, I would get the deck of cards-patterned top and pair it with an off-white circle skirt and nude wedges.

I'm really looking forward to Miranda July's The Future - I love her dance outfit!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ashley,

Or the 60s Bric a brac German Dress, which I would wear with a cropped black cardigan, grey stocks & black mary janes.

I love EVERY outfit in 500 Days of Summer ... never get sick of that.

karinalane said...

I love this dress:

But I REALLY love the model's hair! Oh my god, that is the first hair inspiration I've seen in a long time.

My favorite stylish movie is Daisies (sedmikrásky).

and my email is


Ana Peregrine said...

I like the ACDC t-shirt

It's so hot in New York in the summer, and I'm not used to it, so I've been wearing not a lot of clothes. I think I'd wear this shirt in the summer with a pair of green 60s hot pants I have which are covered in big mod flowers and some inconspicuous black sandals, some long necklaces, lots of gold rings, and a worn old tote bag. In cooler weather, I'd tuck it into a leather mini skirt and pair that with torn black opaques, some suede 80s otk boots, and my 90s acid-wash denim jacket. Either way, black heart-shaped sunglasses are happening.

One stylish movie: Stoned. It's about Brian Jones from the Rolling Stones, and it's just alright. But mostly Brian Jones and his beautiful girlfriends have the best style in it. So many girls in lace dresses wearing nothing but underwear under them, complimenting them with a good pair of go-go boots and a floppy hat. And Brian in his silk shirts and bell bottoms. Gorgeous.

Gianna said...

1. I would definitely love to wear this:
I can see myself wearing it to death this summer: with sandals in the daytime and with tennies and a cardigan once the sun goes down.

2. I definitely recommend the movie "Reality Bites." I love basically anything Winona Ryder wore during the 90s.


Annie, Time Enough for Drums said...

I like:

I'd pair it with some canvas oxfords and a hat for summer.

And, I've really been wanting to see Tree of Life in it! Some of those 1950s fashions are beautiful.


blythe said...

i love the Handmade Rose Pink and Chartreuse Silk Floral Head Piece!
Hmm, a stylish movie....Down With Love comes to mind, for mod 60s inspiraton. :] <3

Bryce said...

If the Micheal Jackson crop top fit me, I would wear it with cut offs and flats.

Silence Becomes You is beautifully styled. I love every costume from that movie.


Pakayla said...

That lace and tulle pink party dress is so extraordinary! I would play it down with a nice shorter vintage denim jacket and a pair of white oxfords or chunky camel-colored leather and wood platforms.

2. My stylish movie of choice would be A Single Man. The menswear is so on point and Julianne Moore is unstoppable. Also, its directed by Tom Ford, so there really isn't any going wrong.


Wish Upon This said...

I would buy the 50's Pencil Thin Floral Printed White and Black Full-Skirted Sundress and style it with a braided belt and oxfords. My favorite fashionable movie is Amelie and my email is :) Thank you!!

mary van note said...

I could see myself wearing this a bunch:
I love chartreuse and would match it with pale yellow 40s dress.

Maye because I saw it recently, but a great style movie is Bill Cunningham New York. Very inspiring, and full of characters who aren't afraid to be themselves.

maryvannote (at) gmail (dot) com

Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

I probably would choose Gidget or something for a movie. That or a Doris Day movie since she and Sandra Dee are my favorites in fashion.

I'd probably choose the 50s paisley tank top with chinese inspired print in red cream and brown. I have other items of theirs that have been in my favorites for a while too though.

becky said...
empire records!

Vanessa said...

I would wear the 50s Olive Brown and Yellow Cotton Liberty Print Shirtdress ( with maroon tights, taupe high-heel ankle boots, and a cropped 60s wool jacket. Maybe throw on a little topper hat. Love the print, love the autumnal colors, and loooove the silhouette.

My favorite movie fashion is: "Bonnie and Clyde." a) Faye Dunaway is gorgeous. b) 30s fashion is awesome. c) Faye Dunaway in 60s-does-30s fashion is a dream come true.

vbrutsc at

Erin Carter said...

Great giveaway!
1) I love the NORMA KAMALI Floral Drop Waist Dress... although sadly I could not afford it right now!
2) Now and Then had to be my favorite fashion movie growing up and I still love watching it for the clothes!

Kitsune-kun said...

I am eyeing those pastel striped high waisted shorts. soo darling. I'd pair them with a white lace blouse or a cream three quarter length boat neck shirt.

for a fashionable film? I'd say L'Aventurra. all the dresses are to due for.

sarajane said...

My favorite is the 70s Psychedelic Mother Nature Printed Novelty Button Up Blouse and I'd wear it with skinny jeans and boots. My favorite stylish movie would have to be 500 Days of Summer.

gillian.robyn said...

I love the pretty 50s Pale Pink Party Prom Dress with Cream Lace Embroidery and Tulle!
My fairly recent favorite stylish movie is Nine! (the musical not the cartoon) I could watch it on replay all day :)