Tuesday, May 17, 2011

giveaway: mother's daughter

Mother's Daughter is offering my readers the chance to win a $50 gift certificate. That could buy you this beautiful lace skirt or these adorable red hot pants, oh my! There are plentiful cool pieces to choose from, as always.

If you'd like to enter the giveaway please leave a comment with the following:

1.) What would you buy with your Mother's Daughter gift certificate?
2.) How did you find Fancy Fine?
3.) Your email!

The winner will be announced on May 24th and the giveaway is open to international readers!


Elise / Pennyweight said...

oooh, love this shop! i would have to get either the carrie caramel dress or the apricot polka dot dress. soo cute! i've been following fancy fine for awhile and love your eye for vintage. thanks for this opportunity!

Edie said...

Hello! I would get the pink waxed cotton mini skirt. I think I found your blog through another blog, but it's been a while so I'm not sure which one.

Geneva Hopson said...

Too hard to decide, but I'd either buy the Cornflower Stripe Circle Skirt or the Denim Buckle Strap Sandals! (I guess I really like that color blue...!)
I've been following Fancy Fine for a while now!

Jorie said...

1) I would totally get the Denim Romper. http://shop.mothersdaughter.com/shop/azure-denim-cotton-romper/
2) I found you on tumblr, not sure who posted you though.
3) jxp@manningllp.com

Jenna said...

I love the bluebird gingham top! So cute, it would look perfect with high-waisted trousers! I found your blog through another blog and I love it! :)


Abby said...

I would put the gift card toward the Tweed Wool Toggle Coat. I found you through another fashion blog, but I can't remember which.

Suzanna said...

1. http://shop.mothersdaughter.com/shop/frannie-feather-day-dress/
2. i don't remember. i think it was through another blog.
3. suzannabunny@gmail(dot)com

Frida said...

If my boobs were smaller, i would buy the "Penny Pastel Stripe Sun Dress", but now, when they aren't, i think i would go for the "Sonia Rykiel Cherry Cardian"

I've been following Fancy Fine for a while now, & i think i found it through another blog, but I'm not sure which one.

Megan said...

I love that Letterman sweater! I found Fancy Fine on bloglovin and I'm glad I did!


Anonymous said...

I'd probably pick this dress: http://shop.mothersdaughter.com/shop/penny-pastel-stripe-sun-dress-2/

As for Fancy Fine, I've had it in my reader for a while, I don't remember how I found it :)

my email is dar.142173 at yahoo dot com

lauren, curious constellation said...

This is just gorgeous! http://shop.mothersdaughter.com/shop/stella-stripe-classic-cardigan/

I honestly can't remember how I came upon your little place on the webs, I've been following for quite a while now (:


BB said...

1. so many choices! but i stopped on the bella button up safari anorak and knew it would be the perfect layering piece for every season here in good ol' utah :)

2. i found you thru other style sites and IMMEDIATELY made you a daily read that i follow thru bloglovin' ...

3. my e-mail addy is as follows: bargainbex at yahoo dot com

MARGARET said...

Love this shop!

1.) I'd definitely get the Spring Green High Waisted Shorts. SO cute!
2.) I've been a fan of Fancy Fine for awhile. I think I found it through Calivintage's blog.
3.) margeincharge@gmail.com.

xo, Margaret

Amber said...

I think I would have to get the
Pink Waxed Cotton Mini Skirt, love that bright color. I cant remember how I found your blog...perhaps chictopia.


Heather said...

1)If I could I would spend $50 and buy those models some sandwiches! Geesh! But I would probably go with the Josephine Evening Tailcoat and pair it with floral summer dresses.

2)Through Fashion Forestry!



Meesh said...

I think I'd have to go for the hanan sheer lace slip, which is gorgeous. I've been a follower of yours for a while now, and probably found the blog through various link lists.


Celia said...

hmmmm.....i would get the cornflower stripe circle skirt for sure! love it! i heard about fancy fine through my sister. she told me about it a while ago and i've been following for a while now.

Heidi said...

What a lovely give away! If I should be so lucky... I would choose the Sonia Rykiel Cherry Cardigan.
I found your Fancy Fine through Nicole's Fashion Forestry.
My email: heidi-puppet@hotmail.comj
Thank you:)

Little Erica said...

Hello! this is awesome! :D
1. i would get the Raina Rose Mini Dress Set because i am OBSESSED with 60s button back crop tops!
2. I've been following Fancy Fine through Blogger for a while.
3. ms.erica55@gmail.com

amanda said...

There are so many great pieces, I would have to say I would probably get the Heaven Maniac Silk Secretary Blouse. It's so unlike anything I have in my closet at the moment.

And I found fancy fine through scrounging around on etsy!


Jo - Lost in the Haze said...

Without a doubt, I would get the Daffodil plaid sailor mini dress. It is literally everything I want in a dress! Haha! I can't remember how I discovered Fancy Fine, but I have been certainly following for ages! jof@lostinthehaze.com


birdbaths said...

1.) What would you buy with your Mother's Daughter gift certificate?

that out of control black dress dress omg!!

2.) How did you find Fancy Fine?

through the lovely frankie and nicole, both friends of mine. always looking for good local sf bloggers to follow!

3.) Your email!


Stacey said...

Love the Wendy Wool Zip Mini Skirt. But I would like to be daring and get those red hot pants!
I forget how I found you, it's been a while!!

starstacey at gmail dot com

sarajane said...

I would buy the Violet Silk Crop Tank Top, I'm not sure how I found your blog but I think it was through another blog.

veegees said...

-hmm... i'd choose my mom the Paige Pastel Safari Blouse( she had one just like that back in the 80's)
-Blusing Ambition of course

Amelia said...

i love the brick red leather mini. i don't quite remember how i found you, i think it was a feature on someone else's blog like an up and comer's kind of thing.


Julie said...

I would buy the Tweed Wool Toggle Coat. I don't remember how I found out about you, it was probably through someone else blog or chictopia. Thanks for this amazing giveaway.


Meggstatus said...

Let's see... I would have to go with these super sweet purple bad boys


And I found your blog from chictopia I think, and it's been downhill from there!


Hannah, Lost in wishful thinking said...

I would love the Crimson seagull secretary blouse!

I found you via Drifter and the Gypsy.


Thanks Ashley!

Julie Norman said...

I'd love to buy a nice vintage trench. I found Fancy Fine because my google reader suggested it. Julie@normanfamily.org

Anonymous said...

i would go with the Rose Accordion Pleat Party Dress

I think i found you through calivintage, but it's been so long...who knows!


peonie said...

1.) There is so much to choose from, I'd say probably the Camille Cocoa Stripe Shorts.
2.) It had to be through another blog. Can't remember for sure, though.
3.) owltracks at gmail.com

Percy Owl said...

Possibly the daffodil sailor mini? Although there are a lot of pretty skirts there too.
I found you agggges ago. Probably from a blogroll or something.
Email on blog :)

Anonymous said...

1. remy ruffle bandage mini or cuban cocktail mini dress
2. i don't know... i do know that i've been falling you for awhile though(:
3. elegant_storms at yahoo.com

thanks for hosting the giveaway.

vivy said...

Oh goodness, so much to choose from! I'd get the olive velvet pencil skirt or fork out the extra and get the tweed wool toggle coat.

I've been checking into your blog sporadically for a while but I started following it after Lustable included you in a post (http://www.lustable.com.au/2011/04/14/lustable/blogger-looks-of-the-week-10/)


Nina said...

the tallulah tribal skirt set is pretty amazing

i found your blog through another blog. always seems to be the way

nina_thomson at hotmail dot com

nina said...

ooh i love mother's daughter!
i really like the yvette antique floral blouse, but the lily letterman cardigan is also lovely, it would be quite hard to choose!
i think maybe from another blog...? i can't quite remember to be honest (-:

Unknown said...

Oooh I would put it towards the Violet Linen Wrap Dress for sure, and wear it on my birthday the next day! (in a dream world where I win competitions and postage is instant!)
I came to this blog from Francesca.
And my email address is doorsrach(at) gmail (dot.) com.
<3 R

Unknown said...

1.) Without a doubt I would purchase the Crimson Seagull Secretary Blouse - it is to die for.

2.) I found Fancy Fine by reading Aussie Magazine 'frankie' earlier this year and have been following ever since!

3.) plaincecil@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

WHat a great shop! I'd probably choose the Gabrielle Gingham Day Dress!
I don't remember how I found your blog, i've been reading for a long time though.

Anonymous said...

WHat a great shop! I'd probably choose the Gabrielle Gingham Day Dress!
I don't remember how I found your blog, i've been reading for a long time though.

m.fay said...

what a darling shop. it would be difficult to choose, but i'm loving the beaded teardrop silk dress!

i found fancy fine on etsy. you know i love ya!


Erin Carter said...

so many great things!
I love the Crimson Seagull Secretary Blouse, the Azure Denim Cotton Romper, The Ocean Blue Mid Length Skirt... so hard to choose!

I have been following your blog for a while... I think you were featured on another blog but I can't remember who's!


Anonymous said...

The Penny Pastel Stripe Sun Dress would make a lovely and bright addition to my closet!

I've been reading your blog for several months now, and I'm not exactly sure where I heard about it. Maybe Jen Loves Kev?


Natalie said...

1. Penny periwinkle dress!
2. I found out about you via the R29 shop crawl photo. You looked adorable! Very cute blog.
3. natalie@likefreshlaundry.com

Thanks for the great giveaway :)

Anonymous said...

Such a hard choice since everything is amazing, but i would get the Cleo Confetti Pencil Skirt, because a girl cannot have enough pencil skirts!

I found Fancy Fine on someone's blog links a while back :)



Diane said...

Wonderful giveaway, thanks for the opportunity! I've loved the Mother's Daughter shop ever since you mentioned it a while ago on your blog and it was doubly cool when I spotted the connection between Hayden and SF band, Girls (I recognized her from the Girls video for "Lust for Life." Is that creepy?). Anyways, I love how the shop has such a deep connection with SF (also one of the reasons I love your blog). Enough gushing, I guess.

One of the things I'd love to purchase with this gift certificate is the Brenda Sheer Stripe Silk Oxford.

I can't remember exactly how I stumbled upon Fancy Fine. Just stumbling from link to link while I was reading fashion blogs one day. Kept coming back because I love your style and like the fact that you live in SF and show so much of the Bay.


Ringo, have a banana! said...

I love Hayden's shop so much! I would definitely put my $50 towards one of Kaila's HEAVEN pieces, assuming that'd be allowable. Otherwise, I might just got for this:


Super simple, but exactly what I've been looking for for ages now. I found Fancy Fine ages and ages ago, or at least AshleyOrding.com, though I can't quite remember how. Myspace maybe??

NancyToussaint said...

The outfits are so hot

www.nancytoussaint.org xo

Ashley said...

1.) What would you buy with your Mother's Daughter gift certificate?

The Ocean Blue Midlength skirt!!

2.) How did you find Fancy Fine?

Linked from Fieldguided as one of her favorite blogs

3.) Your email!

kyliejane said...

I would have to get the ocean blue mid length skrt. I found Fancy Fine through another blog but can't for the life of me remember which one!

Clara T said...

I would get the Tweed Wool Toggle Coat! Found fancyfine via designismine.blogspot.com!


Francisco said...

Sandstone Ascot Secretary Blouse - JUST GORGEOUS!!!- But everything is!!!!!

fancyfine was recommended to me by my sister!

my email is mandy_22222@hotmail.com

Alexandra said...

Oh god, the Ralph Lauren Caramel Wingtips are just my size and GORGEOUS. I have been looking for oxfords for the longest time! And these are the best I've seen period.

I think I saw your blog on the Clothes Horse's tumblr, but I'm not sure.


The Velvet Bow said...

I love love love Mother's Daughter and I would be delighted to win!

It would be hard to decide on just one item but I would have to say it would be the Frannie Floral Ascot Tent Dress.

I have been following Fancy Fine for so long that I can't quite remember where I first heard about you. It's always the blog I recommend to people who don't usually read blogs, and they become hooked!

Oh, and my email is jessie@thevelvetbow.com :)