Thursday, March 17, 2011

maui vacation: part two

Aren't my parents too cute?

My brother Joey likes wearing SPF 4. Check out those sunburned legs... I gave him lots of shit for that!

I drank many Blue Hawaiians in Maui, saw many whales, swam with two turtles, sort of got a tan (by ghost standards), created many inside jokes with my parents and brother, and enjoyed the kind of extreme laziness that usually eludes me. I bought a few souvenirs, too: a purse made of shells, lavender flavored tea, tuberose and coconut scented oil, and a few goodies from the only thrift store I found there (so many rows of tropical print dresses!).

outfit details...

outfit #1:
top  vintage
skirt  vintage
jelly sandals  urban outfitters
sunglasses  vintage

outfit #2:
dress  vintage from 1385
heart sunglasses  h&m


Unknown said...

i love the 2nd celebration dress it is so unique. it looks so peaceful and beautiful there!

<3 steffy

Chaucee said...

your brother is one handsome fella!
i love family vacations. such good times : )

Carolina Santana said...

Oh what a wonderful post!!! This must have been such a great travel with your family : ) I really enjoyed seeing the photos and the cute and beautiful things you shared by them and the comments.

Zoƫ, Lion Heart Vintage said...

that celebratory dress is AMAZING! for lack of a better descriptor, it is a total WIN.

also... would you be so kind as to divulge the location of that thrift store? i'll be heading there soon and i'd love to pick up some special finds! :)

Annalise said...

Love these pretty pretty pictures Ashley! It looks like you had a great time (besides the last night of course). I'm glad you didn't get sunburned even if your bro did. Don't boys ever learn? haha.
ps I ran into your friend Brian at Savers yesterday. I was thinking to myself, "Where do I know that face from?...oh yeah! Karaoke!" I had so much and hope you had a great birthday. Next time I'm going to get up the guts to sing something.

Jessicat said...

i didnt even know there was such thing as spf 4. How silly.

A Flourishing Perspective said...

How wonderful of a post! You chose all the best outfits to wear to be comfortable and look fantastic while in tropical and beautiful Maui! I am so jealous of this beautiful vacation. ♥

I want to walk on that boardwalk! I love boardwalk's by the ocean:)


Natalie Brooke said...

Great outfits - and those heart glasses are adorable!! :) Not as cute as your parents though! haha. Looks like you had an awesome time! :)

Keep smiling!