Monday, March 21, 2011

maui vacation: part four

Okay, I promise this is the last round of vacation photos. I shot these on my favorite little point-and-shoot camera that has an amazing underwater case. We snorkeled almost every day of our vacation, and the highlight was swimming with several turtles who didn't seem to mind us following them around and making crazy squealing noises through our snorkel gear. Dressing for Maui was fun for me because for once I didn't have to think about layering. One dress, one pair of sandals, one tote bag... I'll admit I was out of my element but I enjoyed every second of it. I brought four swimsuits with me (yes, for a one-week vacation) but I ended up wearing the same white J. Crew one-piece the entire time. So much for variety!

Vintage dress, hat borrowed from my mom, H&M heart sunglasses.

Whale watching!

My dad, a cool dude.

Our resort had a slide... probably meant mostly for children, but that hardly stopped me!

The J. Crew liberty-print swimsuit I lived in for the entire vacation.

Vintage hat, vintage dress, vintage bag, UO jelly sandals.

We snorkeled right above a coral reef! It was much more colorful in person but I like how moody these photos turned out.

It's not a proper vacation without some finger-over-the-lens photos! This finger belongs to my mom, queen of this style of photography.

One of the best moments of my life.

Safety first!


Jenny said...

Looks like so much fun! I love the underwater photos of the turtles. And that water slide + your expression= amazing. xoxo

Unknown said...

i love the vintage vibe of these photos, the coloring is amazing on them! looks like such a blast and so beautiful!

<3 steffy
Steffys Pros and Cons

Unknown said...

These exemplify everything I like about lomo/toy photography. Such a sense of whimsy and dreaminess--perfect for fun vacation memories! Your family is so freaking adorable, as are all of your outfits (of course).

And that turtle! Oh my god! What a moment!

Schnuersenkelrolltreppentod said...

great photos!

Phara said...

That picture of yr dad is so funny :)
Love the underwater shots of the turtles, must have been amazing!

Angsthase said...

Oh wow, I've been loving these photos - I want to go to Maui so bad now! What camera did you use for the underwater shots?

The Style Dossier said...

I've loved looking @ all your vacation pictures...I'm sad that this is the last of them. Swimming with the turtles looked amazing that's one of dreams!

Amber said...

those little turtles are too darn cute

Maria Ramona said...

i think i stayed on the same little strip in Kaanapali when I visited Maui a few years back-- i loved how you could take a walk on that path, stop & have a drink, keep walking, have a swim, and just keep repeating that pattern all day-- you're definitely making me want to go back!

Jo - Lost in the Haze said...

You look like you're having the best time! Just looking at the photos makes me feel all warm and summery! x

chelsea said...

1) I just found your blog.
2) I am so jealous of your Hawaii trip.
3) You and your friends are adorable!

Alessia said...

Great pictures! Love the underwater stuff. Looks like you had a nice getaway :)

Lydia Armstrong said...

Oh I love that black and white floppy hat!! These pics look so fun!

Annalise said...

Oh Ashley, these photos are just too sweet. They remind me of my trip to Kawaii like 10 years ago. The sea turtles were unforgettable and everything is just beautiful! Lovely, lovely photos. Can we go on vaca together because I just know we would have fun on all the water slides. :D

Jess & Ashley said...

Your vacation looks like it was sooo much fun! I am longing for a break from school and a vacation of my own. I love your bathing suit. So adorable.