Friday, December 3, 2010

bohemian bisoux giveaway #2!

Good news: Bohemian Bisoux, one of my lovely sponsors, is offering yet another $75 gift certificate to Fancy Fine readers, just in time for the holidays. Think of the amazing vintage goodies you could buy with that! The giveaway is open to international readers and shipping is on the house.

To win the gift certificate, please leave a comment with the following:

1.) What is your favorite holiday treat?
2.) What is your favorite treasure from the Bohemian Bisoux shop?
3.) Your email address!

Good luck, darlings! I will announce the lucky winner on December 7th.


stefanietaylor said...

1. I would have to say my favorite Xmas Treat would be chocolate covered pretzels with crushed peppermint. MMM.

2. My fave item from Bohemian Bisoux is "The Dawn" dress. So adorable!


Alicia said...

Ohhh, la! Thanks for another lovely giveaway!

1.) My favorite holiday treat is the endless array of special Christmas cookies that my mother and aunts bake. The nom just won't stop!

2.) I'm partial to this:
and this:
Love her shop!

3.) clothdoll at gmail dot com

Carla said...

My favorite holiday treat is definitely Candy Cane hot chocolate. This dress is my fave from Bohemian Bisoux

Great giveaway, love your blog :)

Anonymous said...

1) Fav holiday treat; Baileys Hot chocolate!
<3 <3 <3 <3 THIS!
Love your blog!

veronika, tick tock vintage. said...

i love any sort of cookie. i have such a sweet tooth.

my favorite item is this blouse:

Keeks said...

1.) My favorite holiday treat is candy canes. Or - a candy cane cocktail.

2.) I love the Trixie Vintage Bag -

Love the lucite!

3.) Email address is

Emily Rose said...

my favorite holiday treat is definetly cheesecake! i hardly ever eat it any other time of year, and gosh its just soo good!
this dress is my favorite..

that colors is so good, and wearing chiffon is one of my favorite things to do.

Annie, Time Enough for Drums said...

1. Gingerbread, no doubt!
2. This one is great:

Unknown said...

My favorite holiday treat is the "buche de Noël", a wonderful christmas cake in the shape of a log from my home country, France!

2. It has to be The Queen Bea- Vintage 1940s Pale Pink Pastel Velvet Netted Crazy Eccentric Cupcake Bon Bon Hat Fascinator Headpiece Pin-Up Burlesque!!!!!


Mandy said...

1. This is a tough call, but I'm going to go with white hot chocolate - so rich and delicious that once a year is all I can handle.

2. OMG


Unknown said...

yey for international giveaways!
1.- homemade christmas cookies and cakes
2.- I really like this one


Sara Hoo said...

oooh, it's my first time commenting your blog, so hello! and um.

1) apple cider w/cinnamon and caramel
2) i love it
and 3)

Sage said...

1. Not really a "holiday treat" per se, but my nan makes an amazing meringue tower at Christmas time. Meringues with chewy centres... mmmm

2. this headpiece is a bit special


Unknown said...

1) I love a good cup of hot spiced cider with a splash of rum to get me in the holiday mood!

2)The Luisa vacation sandals are beautiful, and they are just my size. I would even wear them this time of year in Oakland with cute socks or tights.


Meg said...

my favorite holiday treat is pumpkin pie
my favorite item in her shop is this dawn dress
my email is

Emma said...

I love Bohemian bisoux! So much stuff I want!

My fave holiday treat is gingerbread lattes or my mam's homemade stuffing.

There's so much I love in the shop it's so hard to choose, but I have to say the Vivian Leopard Print fur and green wool hat is amazing!

Emma said...

I love Bohemain Bisoux! So much beautiful things!

My favourite holiday treat is a gingerbread latte or my mam's homemade stuffing on Christmas day.

My favourite item is the Vivian Leopard Print and green hat! So amazing!

Suzanna said...

1.) rum egg nog.
3.) suzannabunny@gmaildotcom


Nicola said...

My favourite is cranberry sauce, stuffing and fake turkey leftover sandwiches!

'The Sophie'

Rebeccak said...

1. Cherries!!! They seem come into season JUST before Christmas.
2. I love bothh the Dawn Dress and the Berkley hat

Chantelle said...

My favourite holiday treat would have to be eating pavlova with whipped cream and strawberries while sitting outside in the sun on Christmas day - can't wait!

My favourite item from the lovely Bohemian Bisoux shop is this wonderful hot pink velvet dress

Amanda Bowen said...

1.) I think my favorite holiday treat is actually chocolate advent calendars, I know it's lame, but I love them!

2.) I think my favorite treasure would actually have to be the shoes of theirs you've put up a picture of... I am in love with them!


Leanne said...

1. my favorite holiday treat is candy cane cookies with almond extract my aunt makes every year.

2. my favorite treasure is the mia dress, so pretty!

3. leanne.feely at

niki said...

1. My favorite holiday treat is dark chocolate dipped almond leaf cookies. My grandma sends them to us every year!

2. I LOVE 'The Margherita' one piece with the sequin musical notes!

3.nickeecoco AT gmail DOT com

Amandine said...

1. My favorite holiday treat is my aunt's chocolate truffles rolled in peppermint.

2. This, because it reminds me of the swimsuits worn in "Some Like It Hot" and because I like things from the 20s.


Mia Helen said...

my favorite holiday treat is apple cider! I just love the The Dawn- Vintage 1950s Seafoam Pale Lavender Full Sweep Circle Skirt Silk Chiffon Cocktail Dress Size Medium M from there shop!

Cassandra said...

1. Egg nog :)
2. The Mimiuex- Vintage 1960s French Mod Brigitte Bardot Faux Reptile Structured Handbag Purse


kate maggie said...

What a lovely giveaway!

Favorite holiday treat? Definately egg nog smoothies! icecream, bananas, eggnog and cinnamon! You need to try it!

& Favorite item...
The Chloe- Vintage 1960s Mod Jackie O Mad Men Pale Pink Blue Floral Adorned Pill Box Hat

crossing my fingers!! x

erin copeland said...

1. black eyed peas and collard greens . . . with fried pickles. the best of being both jewish and southern.

2. the josephine. i'm panting.

3. this.euphoria -at- gmail

rebecca said...

my favorite treat is snow ball cookies!
and my favorite is The Rebecca- Vintage 1930s 1940s Chocolate China Mink Fur Wrap Collar XL.
rwvanvoorhis at gmail dot com

Unknown said...

My favorite treat is peppermint bark!

My favorite item is the Ali MacGraw Lacoste Cardigan! Such a pretty color!

My email is

Robin West said...

1- My fav holiday treat is the big tin with the 3 flavors of popcorn, usually cheddar, caramel & butter. My great Aunt always used to get one for me about a month before Xmas, and it just really meant 'holiday time' to me.

2-The Gia dress is unbelievable!!! The classic cut with that amazing bead work is killing me right now!

Aya said...

Fruitcakes. ♥

I'm loving the The Dawn- Vintage 1950s Seafoam Pale Lavender Full Sweep Circle Skirt Silk Chiffon Cocktail Dress : So pretty. : )

My email is lakambini [@] ymail [dot] com

Anonymous said...

1. My favorite holiday treat would probably have to be chocolate dipped fortune cookies!

2. The Nance- Leopard Maxi Skirt is ADORABLE.


Stella said...

1.) My favourite holiday treat would have to be Rum Balls. My nanna and I would spend hours together making, rolling, and packing them for christmas pressies and it has created some treasured memories.
2.) The 1920's Sleep Cap (!
Thankyou :D

Unknown said...

1.) my mom's lime punch! mmm can't wait<3

2.) i love love love the marguerite!


Said & Done said...

1) MMmmm i would have to say home-made baked hot chocolate. my specialty!
2) i love these shoes because they are so gorgeous, made from hemp and they really stand out! i would wear them if only my feet were a size 6!

becky said...

1.)My favorite treat is my moms cranberry bread.
2.)the Juliana- Vintage Antique Victorian Late 1800s Silk Brocade Heavy Gold Framed Clutch Pouch Bag

Emily, Ruby Slipper Journeys said...

1. Rum logs... shortbread cookies with rum icing and nutmeg.

2. This coat:[0]=tags&includes[1]=title


Cindy said...

1.) My favorite holiday treat is ice cold eggnog. I love it!

2.) The Luisa Sandals

3.) clogzilla(at)yahoo(dot)com

Thank you for offering such a generous giveaway! :)

Pakayla said...

1. My favourite treat for the holidays is my home made apple pie!

2. The iris coat is just so beautiful! Especially for this coming "cold" weather in San Francisco.


Gina Sessa said...

1) my favorite treats are the deelish shortbread cookies my husband makes for the holidays

2) is pretty neato


Tiffany said...

1. My favorite holiday treats are definetly ginger bread men. (cant fo wrong wth the classics!)
2. I really love... The Felicity- Antique Vintage 1910s Edwardian Crochet Cream Ecru Cropped Vest

Thanks for offering such a great contest!

Kellie said...

1.) My favorite holiday treat is a Gingerbread Ice Blended at the Coffee Bean. So good!

2.) My favorite item is the Barrymore vintage 1950s purse, it's gorgeous!


Anonymous said...

1. hot coco w/ whipped cream & peppermint sprinkles
2. the scarlett vintage antique muff
3. purple_elephantss (at)

Lara said...

1) Any holiday-themed drink from Starbuck, mmmm, especially the peppermint mocha...

2)Yellow isn't a colour i'd usually wear, but the fit of this and the beading on the arms and neck are to die for!

Anonymous said...

1. Gingerbread, though I know that's boring
2. The Gigi hat or the Regis shoes (though they're not my size, sadly)
3. feteafete at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

1) I love my Mom's "White Chocolate and Peppermint Bark".

2) The Ali MacGraw Cardigan is too cute.


-Abbey F.

mary van note said...


Candy Cane Joe Joe's!

The Leona:

maryvannote (at) gmail (dot) com

janiece said...

My treat of choice is Christmas pudding with brandy custard and fresh whipped cream (even though it's always far too hot here in South Australia for any sensible person to eat that kind of food - but we all do!).

Also, I am in love with the Dottie dress.

patty said...

1. I love the hot chocolate my mom prepares out of Filipino cacao tablea! It's the perfect drink for early mornings and late nights. :)

2. I love The Dawn- Vintage 1950s Seafoam Pale Lavender Full Sweep Circle Skirt Silk Chiffon Cocktail Dress


Natalie Brooke said...

1.) being with family and seeing some friends/family I haven't seen in a while.

2.) so many lovely things - but it's gotta be the "Dawn" dress, oh my goodness!!! <3


Thanks for hosting!!

ejlittle said...

1. My favorite holiday treat is hot chocolate with tiny marshmallows. :)
2. I love the dress with the fur on the sleeves.

Tora said...

1.My favorite is the tree nut truffle that me and my mum makes every year.
It kinda like a truffle but before you role it to a ball, you take 3 nuts and then you put the "dough" around it...and then you roll it in cacao. The shape is like this ♣

2. I am in Love with this one.


Unknown said...

1) My holiday treat would easily be chocolate truffles. (Starting to eat way tooo many at the moment)

2)I love The Hazel-1960s Ritz Mad Men Jackie O Mod Twiggy White Cream Wool Felt Beaded Sequined Bow Winter Cold Weather Hat


Maire said...

1)I think my favorite holiday treat is havin Christmas Dinner. My mother and I cook the best things ever.
2)Beautiful things but my favorite is The Georgie- Vintage 1960s Victor Costa Cream Crochet Ruffle Hippie Wedding Gown Dress
3) or


Natalie said...

1. my favorite holiday treat is a nice cup of hot cocoa with peppermint and homemade whipped cream.
2. I really love the hailey pale blue cameo earrings, adorable!

ariane said...

1) my favourite christmas treat would have to be egg nog with rum!

2) my favourite treasure from the Bohemian Bisoux shop is the The Evette- Vintage 1920s 1930s Pale Pink Blush Silk Lingerie Bra Bralette Half Camisole Top


Lisi said...

1) My favorite holiday treat is seeing my family!

2) I love the "The Dawn" dress!


Anonymous said...

1. for the holidays i can never get enough christmas music! my itunes is full of every christmas song imaginable - i live for the day after thanksgiving when i'm finally "allowed" to belt out my favorite songs at the top of my lungs!

2. The Fifi- Vintage Antique Victorian Late 1800s Black Beaded Silk Satin Tie Neck Cape is so lovely! I can definitely see myself wearing it to some fabulous holiday party!


Shauna said...

My favourite holiday treats are Starbucks' range of Xmas goodies (toffee nut lattes and black forest cup cakes yum!)

My favourite item from Bohemian Bisoux is this gorgeous 50s frock "The Anita" - I don't think I could find a more pefect dress to wear on Christmas Day!!

My email address is

Have a lovely Christmas and New Year Fancy Fine! x

Colourful Buttons said...

1. Cuddle your loved one in bed or on sofa whilst enjoying a nice cup of hot chocolate. Just enjoy a simple moment together.

2. The Mia- Vintage Antique 1910s Edwardian Cotton Crochet Oversized Collar Satin Striped Lawn Dress -


Thanks for the opportunity and have a great weekend.


Little Miss Thrifty said...

1.) homemade x-mas cookies

2.) i love it all, but my favorite is the genevieve vintage 50's pink velvet dress, my goodness it is stunning!


I think this giveaway is a great idea, I now have them as my favorites on etsy! thank you!

Melissa said...

1. Christmas light!!
2. The Barrymore handbag cute!

Unknown said...

hi there=D

1) well my most favorite treat double chocolate biscotti...2) annnd i love love love the dress "the dawn" from Bohemian Bisoux's just so a perfect fluffy princess dress

Ingeli said...

1) My absolute favourite holiday treat is the super-chocolate pepper cake (I actually make it myself) Lots of chocolate and no flour!
2)The luisa are made for me! Exactly my size, it must be faith...
3) ic_6catsburg[at]

Great give-away!!!! I love Bohemian Bisoux :-)


Annebeth said...

omgggg amazing giveaway!

1) over here in belgium and holland, we always eat clementines in the christmastime, so those are my faves!
2) The Fiona- Vintage 1960s Mod Mad Man Jackie O Black Alligator Gold Hardware Pumps High Heels Shoes Size 8 Narrow, STUNNING

Jenni said...

1. Peanut butter blossoms--those peanut butter cookies with Hershey kisses? Mmm, I could go for a few right now!
3. kittenbonanza at yahoo dot com

Ana Peregrine said...

1. My favorite Christmas treat is eggnog lattes, but I'm trying to not have more than a couple this year....

2. Probably this dress! I love the 60s, bohemian details, and black. And I need a Christmas dress.


Thank you! :)

Stacey said...

1. I really like making these small pecan cookies covered in powdered sugar with my mom.

2. I like the Trixis bow shoe clips, I've been wanting to test them out so maybe now's my chance. ;]

Anonymous said...

1) Rice porridge with cinnamon and sugar.



Greta said...

1.) My favorite holiday treat is the fresh crab rangoon my mom makes every year, we much on it all day!

2.) I love the "Leona" dress, so unique and amazing, and just my size.

3.) My email address is

PrettyDamnCute said...

1. Treat: The hard to find Jingle Bears -- gingerbread cookie and vanilla ice cream sandwiches.

2. fav shop item:

Sierra said...

1) Do hot toddies count as holiday treats? Also anything with ginger or pumpkin--maybe pumpkin-ginger bread pudding?

2) I adore the Stella Bombshell dress!!


Veda said...

1) peppermint bark mmmm
2) The Vivien Leigh, love the collar detail, and color!

mestida said...

1) I love christmas advent calendars. I know the chocolate in them is usually like bad quality chocolate that other people don't like, but I still love it more than any other candy since I get the super cozy christmas feeling in my tummy.
2) The Frederica is probably the most beautiful dress I've ever seen. Exactly what I would like to wear at a ball this spring with my silver shoes.

Purrfect Kat said...

owwww PURRFECT!!!!! thank you!! I love Bohemian Bisoux!!!
1)my favourite holiday treat is going horseriding early in the morning....
2)I adooooore the Genevieve dress!!
3) katia dot varakine at gmail dot com

Anna said...

1 - that's a hard question! anything with currents and a bit of cinnaman is good enough for me. give me a mince pie, christmas cake or christmas pudding anyday of the week.
2 - that beautiful little 'Lola' wedding clutch. that beading - true perfection! i think i need it in my life!
3 -

Stella said...

1. My favorite holiday treat is pecan pie.

2. My favorite item in the shop is the Trixie bag by Bobbie Jerome. The lucite handle is gorgeous!

3. jlcotton at gmail

dragonfly said...

1. Favorite Christmas treat: chocolate chip cookies
2. Favorite treasure:

Lucy said...

1. I love picking up Ghiradelli's peppermint bark during the holidays.

2. The Scarlett handbag is gorg!


Unknown said...

My favorite Christmas treat is the bourbon ball cookies my sister always makes. They're spicy, choclately, and bourbon-y... Soooo good. And I have quite a penchant for Trader Joe's candy cane Joe-Joe's. They're just oreos with candy cane in the frosting... genius.

Love this little doll case...

sophi dot newman at gmail dot com

Unknown said...

1. My favorite Christmas treat is the candy cane

2. The Gigi vintage white straw red relvet dramatic hat is my favorite!


A Day in the Life of One Girl said...

I love the whole Christmas meal! You never get another dinner like that all year long! But I do like Gingerbread Latte's too. Oh - and those danish wedding cookies that look like little snowballs!!!!

As for BB...well...I think I would give the Chocolate China Mink fur a twirl


abbyhatch said...

1. Pavlova! I love living in a country with a hot Christmas :D
2. Ooh, it has to be that adorable little 1970s red trunk. I think I'd feel like Paddington bear every time I used it!

Jannine said...

PUMPKIN PIE. It's so good. I love the spices, the texture, the smell. It's all amazing.

I love the frenchie fur hat. So cute and classy.

Bombshell Bettie said...

Favorite Christmas Treat would have to be buying gifts...i know you were expecting a candy of some sort...but the sweetest treat there is, is buying something special for someone else! Its my favorite part of christmas.

Oh goodness...there are so many pretty things...I guess I would have to go with the Sophie brooch, the Lola clutch or the trixie hair clips.

bombshellbettiesvint @

Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

I just love baking cookies and eating popcorn all the time in the Holiday season. I don't do it so often otherwise at all!! I know, not very unique. I'm a simple person.

I love "The Gigi" hat.

lauren said...

i do believe i have entered only 1 giveaway ever, but those shoes are on my wishlist! so...
1) i love raspberry thumbprint cookies during the holidays

2) the 1940s shoes in this post are my very most beloved thing in the shop.



Bryce said...

I love pumpkin pie. It's my favorite.

The Annelise. It is beautiful.