Wednesday, November 24, 2010

a purple deer vintage giveaway!

I won't lie, I would love to keep this sweet velvet and silk fascinator for myself. It seems like the perfect thing to wear with pretty Autumn-colored dresses and prim little coats. But instead I'm offering it to you lovelies as a giveaway sponsored by Purple Deer Vintage! The giveaway is open to international readers and the fascinator will fit all head sizes (good news for people like me who have trouble fitting into most tiny vintage hats). The shop has a million other amazing goodies right now, so take a peek... before I buy everything! (I'm dying for this bag.)

To win this lovely dream, please leave a comment with the following:

1.) What is your favorite item in the Purple Deer Vintage shop? (I know, it's hard picking only one.)
2.) How long have you been visiting Fancy Fine?
3.) Your email address!

Good luck to everyone who enters... I will announce the winner on November 30th!


Avalonne Hall said...

I must say the anchors away sweater is my favorite. I've been following your blog since May 2010! Woo and my email address is


Good luck to everyone!

Anonymous said...

sweet!! my favorite item is the cameo locket!
and I've been visiting you for quite a while now ^,^

hannah and landon said... < - dre-ee-amy!

I've been following you for just a few months now! Your blog is delightful :).

my email address is hannahkristinametz (at)


Unknown said...

Vintage hats never fit my (admittedly larger than average) head either! This looks just too cute though :)

I've been following your blog for maybe a couple months or six weeks? It all kind of blurs together :P

I'm pretty much in love with this dress, and it would actually fit me!
Hmm... might have to add that to my Christmas list :)


sophi dot newman at gmail dot com

Taylor Kitto / The Little Deer said...

my absolute favorite dress is vintage maple leaf ballerina dress. it would look wonderful dressed up or down! i'm actually tempted to buy it..
i've been reading/adoring your blog for about five months now.
email is

Rebeccak said...

Hello! I love this mustard coloured skirt:

I'm not sure when i started reading Fancy Fine regularly - I think I followed a link here sometime around July?

my email is rebecck[at]gmail[dot]com

Meg said...

My favorite item is this amazing purse

I've been following your blog for a few months now, and my email is

Emma said...

Wow! What a great shop! My fave item is the 1960s Emerald City bag. I might just have to buy it...

I've been reading Fancy Fine for a few months now.

xx Emma

Amber said...

Well if I have to pick just one thing from the shop it would be the 1960's EMERALD CITY Purse. I have been reading your blog for a couple months now I think and loving it!

laura said...

i love the johnathan logan dress. absolutely lovely.

i've been reading your blog for only a month now but yours has become one of my absolute favorites by far!

L'aimable said...

1. Oh, I don't want to choose! The Vintage Blue Moon Cocktail Dress gives me heart palpitations, though. (And then I spot the Vintage Dusty Rose Lace Dress...LOVELY.)

2. Perhaps four-five months. :)


vivian the koneko kitten said...

my favorite item from the store is

the 1950s johnathan logan dress. the print and color are to die for!

i have just recently started following fancy fine in the last couple of days!

my e-mail address is

Anna said...

hmm, i know it's really standard and not the most exciting thing ever but i'm loving that sparkling champagne sweater. it's a staple that would just go perfectly with nearly everything in my wardrobe - i think i'm in love :)
i've not been reading your blog for a very long time - no more than a month - but already i basically want your whole wardrobe, :)

Emily, Ruby Slipper Journeys said...

The vintage art nouveau blouse is my favourite.

And I've been reading Fancy Fine since some time in the summer.

Jannine said...

I love the rose lace dress!
It's such a lovely find.
I've been following fancy fine for about four months.

estelafugaz said...

i have to say that my favourite item from the shop is this lovely blazer

i've been following your blog since yesterday (i didn't know it til yesterday) and i'm so flad i found it because it's great :D

Anonymous said... this dress is perfect!
I've only been following your blog for about a month but I adore it!

:) Sage

Emily Rose said...

love this dress! never seen anything like it before.
hmm.. how long have i been reading your blog.. only maybe like four months. but im deeply in love ;)

Christina Catherine said...

I love this simple black purse. It's retro without being costumey and goes with everything I own!

(I also must admit it reminds me of all those Celine bags editors have now).

I just discovered your blog a few weeks ago via Sally Jane Vintage : )

Casie Jean said...

I cannot take my eyes off the Jonathan Logan Dress. It is perfection.
As is your blog, which I have been following for I think a few months now, maybe August?
Casie Jean

neffbot said...

I must say I adore this dress the most of all the lovely things in the shop!

I've only been following for about 3 weeks!

My email is

Alicia said...

My favorite is the Blue Moon Dress... to die for.

I've been following for about 6 months now and your blog is one of my favorites!

Anonymous said...

Hard to pick, but the vintage Star Bright blouse is pretty outstanding...

I have been visiting your blog regularly for about a month!
Thanks Ashley!

Jess ( said...

I don't know if I can live without the yellow mod daisy dress ... it's pretty much the cutest thing ever!

I've had Fancy Fine in my Reader for about a month or two, just stumbled across you one day :)

jesscp @ gmail dot com

Crafter-holic said...

Aww I love that fascinator!
Anyway, from the shop, I pretty much love all of the bags but I'd go for the vintage Patricia Smith bag - gorgeous.

I have actually only recently added Fancy Fine to my blog roll since it was recommended on another blog. I've clearly been missing out :-)

Annie, Time Enough for Drums said...

I didn't have to look far: Love that tapestry purse! I've been visiting Fancy Fine for maybe a month now. And my email: Annie

Ana Karen said...

1. This dress is so cute:

2. I added your blog to my google reader when I read Fashion Forestry's post about hanging out with you.


thevamoose said...

the zig zag straw tote is one of my favourites..

I am quite a newcomer to your blog, although now a regular visiter!

Maja said...

oh my it is hard to choose but I think that the dusk floral 1940s dress is my fav because well I'm a succer for wide skirts.
I think I've watched the blog for about 3 or 4 months.

Sara said...

ooo! so many lovely pieces! they are all lovely, but i could really see myself rocking this vintage blouse with some retro wide-leg jeans!

I've been reading fancy fine for months, and i just love it! so cute and clever :)


Bella said...

1. oooh why do we always have to pick just one!
2. About two months now :)

Thankyou for the great giveaway ^_^

Miss Mae said... this is so sweet!!

I have been following you for only about a month now- your blog is lovely!


ariane said...

1. i really loved the Vintage BLACK TWIGGY Mini Dress
2. I'd say about 2-3 months

Thanks for such a great giveaway!


bee said...

1. The Enid Collins blackbird purse
2. Not exactly sure- long enough for it to have become one of my favourites- maybe three or four months?
3. bee dot

mary van note said...

love this skirt

It's been several months, girl!

maryvannote (at) gmail (dot) com

Dulcie said...

I've been a follower of Purple Deer for a long time and I love her family based approach to blogging and shop running :) My favourite item is the 1950s butterfly box bag, it's so pretty. Would look lovely on a dressing table when not being used :) Also, I've been reading Fancy Fine for about 2 months.


Alicia said...

Oh, what a sweet hat!

My favorite item in the shop is this pretty dress:

I've been following your blog for about a month now, I think. It's currently a favorite!

clothdoll at gmail dot com

ashley. said...

Precious Site! Thank you for sharing. I am obsessed with the Kelly Green Pumps. They are so bold. so perfect.

Your blog has been a favorite since August when I saw you featured on Sally Jane Vintage :)

have a beautiful day!

myers said...
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Amy Overgaard said...

I really love the Jonathan Logan dress (of course I'm drawn to one of the most expensive items...)

One of my friends actually just introduced me to your blog the other week, but what I've seen so far is lovely.

my email is

ailsa said...

that maple leaf ballerina dress! what a dream!
i've been following since september 2010.
x ailsa

Cynthia said...

Hello I'm french and I'm late, but I'm still trying to win, ahah!

1. I wanted to pick the Vintage DUSTY ROSE LACE Dress, but everybody did, so I also like this: Vintage 1960's EMERALD CITY Purse.

2. Since I saw you on Sally Jane's blog. And I'm glad I did!